How to decide which summer camp to work for ?

There are a number of factors that may have an effect on which camp you decide to work for. Below is list of factors that one might consider before committing to a summer camp position.

  • Location- Are you willing to travel to work at a summer camp? If so, how far? The location of a summer camp is crucial in helping you decided if it is the right place for you.
  • Type of camp- If that camp you are applying to is a speciality camp, for example, a camp for special needs children or a basketball camp, make sure that you are ok with this. You wouldn't want to work at a basketball camp if you hate sports.
  • Length of employment- The amount of time an employee spends at a summer camp can differ from camp to camp. Some may hire seasonally, meaning a few weeks out of the summer. Others offer positions for the entire summer. Jobs like camp director can even last the entire year. Consider this before committing to a camp.
  • Size of the camp- Do you want to be surrounded by campers at all times, or would you rather have a small group? It would be a nasty surprise to show up at a camp you thought was small, and instead be greeted with 40 campers assigned only to you.
  • Luxuries- Find out just how 'woodsy' you will have to be. If you are not the 'roughing it' kind of person, you wouldn't want to work at a camp with no traditional toilets. Internet connection, cable, air conditioning, sleeping arrangements, and phone service can all be factors.

Remember to do your research before accepting a job at a summer camp. Know what you are getting into, and be excited about it. Your excitement will only add to the campers' experience.