how to find a job in the non-profit world

When you are first starting out, finding employment is hard. This is because you are in need of experience to get a job, but you also need a job to gain experience. The answer to this could be going into the nonprofit area. How would this help?

  • You would gain experience for further references
  • You would gain needed skills for future work.
  • You would gain a broader view of available work for your skills

How would you go about a job search in the non-profit world? This experience will also help you gain insight into job seeking for future reference as well.

The Non-profit Job Search

One of the many things you will find during your non-profit job search is the similarities you will encounter with looking for any type of work. You should have a general idea of the following before beginning your job search in the non-profit world:

  • What do you want to do? You need to know what type of job best suits your skills and desire.
  • Why do you want to work in the field you chose? You will be asked this question, no matter where you go. 'I need a job' isn't an answer to this question as it shows no thought about the question. Think about the question and find a best answer for you.
  • What resources can you use to get the type of job you want? This question requires research and looking around you. Resources can include anything from newspapers to local organizations or research online. Brainstorm ideas to uncover all the available resources.

Where to Go

Some ways of conducting a job search for non-profit employment involve knowing where to go to look. Here are a few ideas which may be of use.

  • Job Center - nonprofit organizations can post job openings as easily as the private sector here.
  • Charity Drives - nonprofit organizations will not advertise for openings at these events, but discussing possibilities and having a resume handy can help.
  • Newspapers - many nonprofits will advertise in local or regional newspapers if there is an opening at a local branch.
  • Local Offices - inquiring at the local office of the organization may get your resume or application into the pipeline.
  • Online - many nonprofit groups advertise for help online via their websites. Conduct a search of both local and national organizations to check into this.

What to Do

There are a few other things you can do during your job search in the nonprofit world. Many will not yield immediate results but can work toward your advantage in a short time.

  • Having a volunteer history - employers want to see an ability to understand the field you are wanting into. Nonprofit groups are no exception; they want to be sure you know what it takes to work in the nonprofit world
  • Volunteer in the organization - volunteering in an organization might be useful to being in a position to gain knowledge of openings ahead of the general public.
  • Consider part-time work or 'work as needed' - this option would also give you an inside track, as well as provide possible needed funds.

When conducting a job search in the non-profit sector, you will find many similarities and many differences to the private sector. Gaining knowledge and experience in the non-profit world will ultimately give you greater advantages in any future employment.