How to find a job related to ski

Many of the seasonal workers are selective about where they conduct the ski job search. Several ski resorts have excellent names and working at one of them provides some prestige. The American skier paradise Aspen for instance, is the ideal place to meet rich and famous people. The most popular ski resorts unfortunately also get the most applications. Apart from many applicants it can be difficult to find affordable accommodation close to the popular ski destinations.

Far Eastern countries like Japan, many European countries, Canada and America, all offer work throughout the different seasons of the year. Even New Zealand, some Latin American countries and Australia are good places for a ski job search. If you are an American you may get sponsorship to work at European or Australian ski resorts. This is a major advantage in the ski job search since you have to provide evidence that your skills are superior to those of the local population but with a sponsor you don't have to do this.

Occasionally the need for less experienced staff, particularly for region support positions, overshadows the supply and then seasonal workers have more success in their ski job search in European countries. If you plan on doing an overseas ski job search, your first stop should be the Internet and thereafter the foreign embassies or consulates.

When to find work

The most fashionable country to ski in Europe is France and the ski resorts in the Alps offer several hundreds of work opportunities during the peak season. The best time to apply for ski seasonal work in Europe is around August since the ski season falls between December and March. The hardest part of the ski season is normally the first few days when you receive training.

North America
Ski season for the summer period in North America starts in the last part of April and ends around November while the winter skiers fill the resorts from the end of November until the end of March.

You can start your ski job search at Australian resorts from around February since the ski season lasts from the end of May until then beginning of July. The ski resorts are smaller than in Europe and North America with less work opportunities. Most of the ski resorts are in Victoria.

Ski season starts around December and runs through March until the first week of April in Japan. The country has hundreds of ski resorts but the work opportunities are limited and the housing is expensive.

New Zealand
You can also consider a ski job search in New Zealand for the winter period. The ski resorts are small but do offer limited work opportunities. The seasons are the same as in Australia.