How to find a job when you are not even a teen

When you are not yet ten years old you are called a pre-teen and this is a great age for anyone who wants to make some money. This is when people would appreciate and encourage you in whatever you do, because they would want to support you in your efforts. Depending upon your inclinations, there are plenty of jobs for pre-teens if you are interested.

Before you start out seeking for jobs for pre-teens you need to be aware of some very important ground rules:

  • Never go with a stranger anywhere, no matter the amount of money offered. If you get a good offer on any aspect of your employment or business, inform your parents or any adult you know closely (your elder sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother) before taking any decision or moving with the person who made the offer. Remember, safety should always come first when accepting any jobs for pre-teens.
  • Before you apply for any jobs for pre-teens you could volunteer for minor tasks in your neighborhood, so people learn to appreciate you as a serious and dependable person. Most likely, when you volunteer they would reward you with some money. However, if they do not continue to work for a while for 'free' to build good will.
  • Ask the help of an adult to price your services, such as running errands, mowing the lawn, walking the dogs, etc. and hav them put it on a flyer which you could distribute in hand or post it on trees and other high-visibility places in the neighborhood.
  • Dress neatly, be well groomed and always speak politely. Before you are eligible for any jobs for pre-teens you need to win people's confidence. It is easier to be considered for jobs for pre-teens when you are perceived as a sober and responsible person.
  • Whatever you choose to do, always have your parents permission before you accept and start the job.
  • Do not neglect your school or homework time for any of the jobs for pre-teens. This is not seen as responsible behavior and you will very soon loose all your goodwill when your grades come down.

Once you have understood the ground rules, you could look up the following ten top choices of jobs for pre-teens:

  • Pet sitter - this is something very similar to baby sitting but instead of a baby you have a pet. This could be a cat, a parrot or a puppy that is not yet comfortable to be left alone at home.
  • Tuitions - you could offer to help kids younger to you with their school work. Do so only in subjects that you are excellent so you could guide him/her effortlessly.
  • Photographer - you will need a digital camera for this purpose and you should also know a thing or two about computers for this job. You could offer to cover birthday parties and other celebrations in your neighborhood. You need to practice a lot to perfect your skills here; you can add the final touches on the computer.
  • House sitter - there are many people who worry about their plants or aquarium fish when they leave for vacation in the summer. Offer to water and weed the plants or feed the fish or take care of their pet(s) for as long as they are gone.
  • Sell lemonade or baked goodies - learn to make lemonade or any such foods that you can handle and your parents permit you to do. These could be sandwiches, cookies, cup-cakes, etc. Set up your 'shop' on your property or in front of it. If you are doing it anywhere else, be sure you ask permission of the people who own the place.
  • Get a paper route - paper route is an excellent way to make money, provided you can wake up early and be consistent in your work.
  • Do chores around your house - do extra chores around your own house, such as cleaning the garage or attic, washing dishes or window panes, baby sitting your kid sister or brother, mowing your own lawn, and so on to increase your monthly allowance.

  • Wash cars, motorcycles or bicycles - you can offer to wash cars et al provided you really know what you are doing. To learn the 'trade' you will need to assist your dad a couple of times and then try your hand first with your own car. If you receive recognition at home, you ready to offer this service.
  • Internet - get paid to surf the Net. Here it is very important that before you take anything up you get your parents permission - as the sites could be fakes. Never feed the credit card number of your parents for any site without your parents express permission.
  • Assist your friends with their homework - are you good in any subject? Maybe you could help your own classmates with their homework in return for a token fee. This does not mean that you will do their homework; rather that you tutor them in the subject so they can do it themselves.

All the best in your quest for finding the best job for pre-teens.