How to Get a Clinical Nurse Specialist Job

A clinical nurse specialist job can provide you with an opportunity to provide it advanced care in a specific area of medicine. Clinical nurse specialists are in high demand within the healthcare industry. This can be a very rewarding job for you to pursue. Here are the basics of how to successfully obtain a job as a clinical nurse specialist.


In order to become a clinical nurse specialist, you must first become a registered nurse. You can do this by attending a two-year associate's degree program at a community college. You may also choose to attend a four year bachelors degree program at a university. During the educational process, you will take classes such as nursing ethics, nursing philosophy, anatomy, physiology, math, and pharmacology. You will get a very broad view of the medical profession during this educational process.

You will then need to obtain your license in order to become a registered nurse. This involves taking a certification test known as the NCLEX-RN exam. Every state offers this exam in order to provide registered nurses with a license. Every state also has requirements as to how often you can take the exam if you do not pass it initially. You will typically have to take this exam within four years of graduating from a nursing program.

Many will then choose to get a job as a registered nurse at a hospital or clinical setting. As they work in the field, they might find that they enjoyed working in a particular area of medicine. When this happens, many registered nurses choose to move on to training in order to become a clinical nurse specialist.

In order to move up from registered nurse to clinical nurse specialist, you will have to go through a graduate level program and obtain your Masters degree. You will focus on a particular area of medicine and become an expert in that field.


After you have been through the educational process, you will need to become certified as a clinical nurse specialist. You can take a certification test that is administered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. At that point, you will be able to practice as a certified clinical nurse specialist.

Getting a Job

Once you become certified, you should be able to obtain employment as a clinical nurse specialist in a variety of different places. There is a high demand for nurses that can specialize in a particular field. You may be able to get a job at a hospital or a clinical setting.


In many cases, it is a good idea to spend some time as a registered nurse before choosing an area to specialize in. This will allow you to experience many different types of treatments and see which ones you enjoy the most. Be sure to choose an area that you are passionate about as it will provide you with added fulfillment in your career.

Looking for a Job

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