How to get a job at a summer camp

Once you've decided on a few summer camps you would like to work at, you will need to actually get the job. For some people, this may be easier said than done. Don't worry, it is not as intimidating as it sounds.

First off, you must realize that most summer camps have no problems with finding employees. This means that you will have to take the initiative to contact your top camps and try to sell yourself. Your job search should start well before the summer actually starts. It may be a good idea to look for a job as early as March. Mention your ability to be trained in multiple areas. A given summer camp may not have the exact job opening you were looking for, but other positions may be available. It is up to you to decided whether you want to choose an existing job, or move on and look for your dream position.

Depending on the location of the camp, you may or may not be asked to come in for a face to face interview. If you are not asked for an interview, just be polite on the phone and express excitement for your new job. If you are asked for an interview, there are a few things to know.

The American Camping Association has a great (and free) booklet available for prospective summer camp employees. It lists a large number of camps in the United States. Call 765-342-8456 ext. 331 for a copy.

Interviewing for a summer camp job is the same as any other job. You should bring along an updated resume, a cover letter, and some references if you have them. Also, dress appropriately. Treat this interview as if it were for a position at a major advertising firm. Professional clothes make a big impact on potential employers.

During the actual interview, answer all questions honestly. If you do not like children, don't say that you do. You will have a miserable summer if they put you in a counselor position. Express interest in the job that you really want; ask specific questions about it. Your interviewer will see this as you being serious about this job opening.