How to Get a School Secretary Job

If you are interested in administrative work and have been wondering how to get a job as a school secretary there are four basic factors that you should consider before you begin to apply for jobs in local schools.  Of course, basic secretarial skills and office knowledge are essential if you want a secretarial job in a school, but you should also find out what kind of education is required in order to succeed in the educational environment.  If you love children and have worked in an office in a secretarial position in the past, working as a school secretary may be the perfect job for you.


What You Need to Know About Becoming a School Secretary


The first thing you should know if you want to be a school secretary is that you will deal with children a lot.  Of course, you’ll also be working with other staff, but the students are going to need your attention quite often.  This means you need to be patient and kind – kids are people, too, and you need to be able to address their problems attentively and with understanding.  Experience in working with children can be helpful, even if it has only been volunteer experience, like at a church or a daycare center.


Skills Needed to Become a School Secretary


A school secretary also needs to have skills and knowledge in working with computers as this is a major component to secretarial work.  Some of the most common computer programs that you’ll use will be Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Typing skills are very important, as well, and you’ll need to have a typing speed of a minimum of 45 wpm and possibly as high as 70 wpm.  Organizational skills and good written and verbal communication skills are also beneficial in getting a secretarial job.


Education and Training Requirements for School Secretaries


You can get training at a business college to develop the skills you need to be a school secretary.  Business colleges usually offer administrative assistant courses where you can obtain a diploma or degree in less than a year and sometimes in as little as 4 months.  They will cover subjects like typing, computer skills and programs, administrative procedures, and customer service.  Many business colleges will also give you the opportunity to do work practice in a real life business, which will help you get experience.


Work Experience Requirements to Become a School Secretary


Experience in the administrative field can be the main aspect of your resume that helps you get a job as a school secretary.  If you have a few years of experience already and can provide solid references when you apply you’ll stand out among other applicants.  If you have not had a position as a secretary yet you may be able to gain experience in a volunteer position.  Churches and other non-profit organizations are often in need of people with secretarial skills and the experience that you get in a volunteer position will be a benefit to anyone that is interested in a job as a school secretary.