How to Get an Administrative Assistant Job

The administrative assistant's job is perhaps one of the most important roles in a successful business. Administrative assistants are office professionals that manage many areas of a company from dealing with customers to providing management, financial and personnel support. If you are considering a career as an administrative assistant, there are some things to start doing now to line up your skills and qualifications for this job.

Get an Education for an Administrative Assistant Job

Employers prefer to hire administrative assistants who have at least two years of college education. To be in the best position to get an administrative assistant job, you will want to focus on coursework in business, English, and mathematics to develop the skills needed to perform this type of work. Earning a two-year college degree in business administration will also prepare you to work in an administrative assistant job.

Work as an Office Intern or Volunteer to Get Experience for an Administrative Assistant Job

Perhaps one of the best ways to obtain the experience needed to perform administrative assistant duties is to look for a volunteer job or internship working in an office environment. There are many opportunities for new graduates to work part time in offices where they will learn general administrative skills. Contact your guidance counselor or the career center at your school to find out about volunteer and internship opportunities with local area employers through which you can get experience in the administrative field.

Focus on the Skills that Administrative Assistants Have

While you are looking for a work opportunity as an administrative assistant, focus on the skills that administrative assistant jobs include. Learn how to use a personal computer to manage emails, organize calendars and process documents. Get experience answering phones politely and learn how to transfer calls to other extensions. Consider how you can be a good office support person when the time comes to take on an administrative assistant job as a full-time career.

Develop an Administrative Assistant Job Resume

While you are working on completing your education, your focus should be on developing a resume that demonstrates your ability to work in an administrative assistant job. There are many entry-level customer service and office jobs that will help you to earn work experience that will look great on your resume. Include personal reference letters for any volunteer work or internships that you’ve completed to demonstrate you have the skills and attitude to handle the challenges of an administrative assistant job.

Present Yourself Professionally when Interviewing as an Administrative Assistant

Before you look for your first administrative assistant job, consider that employers will want to hire candidates who are professional in appearance and manners to represent the company. Start building a professional office wardrobe by sticking with clothing that is conservative with clean lines. Get an easy-to-manage hairstyle and comfortable office shoes. Carry yourself with poise, and be sure to make plenty of eye contact when you begin interviewing with potential employers.