How to Get an Office Manager Job

Administrative professionals are in demand across multiple industries, and this includes many office manager job roles. A well-run office doesn’t develop overnight–it takes the skills of an experienced office manager to create a streamlined office environment where productivity is valued. If you have a strong background in office administration and a desire to supervise people performing a wide variety of tasks, a job as an office manager may be the right fit for you.

Develop Your Office Management Skills

The first step in trying to get a job as an office manager is to observe the behaviors and skills that other office managers perform daily. Take time to learn the office technology necessary to perform office management work. Get familiar with computers, office equipment and telephone etiquette, and sharpen your ability to relate to others in a professional tone. Keep your appearance neat and your office area organized at all times to put your best foot forward on the job.

Learn What It Takes to Be an Office Manager

Office managers are experienced office professionals who earn their place at the top of the office chain of command through hard work and handling multiple people and projects. To land a job as an office manager, you need to gain this experience by taking on every opportunity at the office to accept more challenging projects and more responsibility. Find opportunities to shine at work. You can become the go-to office person by working efficiently, finding solutions to common office problems and being a valuable resource to your current employer.

Get a Good Education to Get an Office Manager Job Opportunity

Once you have demonstrated that you understand the unique challenges of being an office manager, the next step is to get an education that will open doors to your career. Select a business administration program that emphasizes management skills in general. Most office managers settle on a four-year college degree, while others decide to either specialize in one area of office management or go on to get a master’s level of education.

Update Your Office Management Resume and Cover Letter

In order to land a job as an office manager, be prepared to look for companies that have career openings and send a fresh resume and cover letter to maximize your chances of getting hired. Start by updating your professional resume to reflect all the education, experience and skills that you have earned at your current and past jobs. Write effective cover letters to introduce yourself to potential employers. Be sure to get letters of recommendation from past colleagues and employers to emphasize your achievements on paper.

Brush Up on Interviewing Skills and Network to Find Jobs

Research the most common interview tips for office managers and practice ahead of time so you appear polished at job interviews. Network with others to find out about new or unadvertised office manager positions in your community. When you are trying to land an office manager job, the ability to be pro-active speaks volumes to your ability to handle the unique challenges of office management. It is to your advantage to use research and direct professional contact to find employers who are willing to give you a chance to prove yourself on the job.