How to Get Document Controller Jobs

Document controller jobs are available in a wide range of industries, from engineering to manufacturing and there are entry-level opportunities available for graduates from many different fields.

Education and Certification

The minimum education required to become a document controller is the completion of high school. Some firms, such as engineering companies, will only consider applicants with training or certification from an administration or accounting certification, usually a certificate or an associate's degree. Depending on the nature of the documents, such as safety, technical documentation or legal documents, employers may even prefer to hire an applicant with a relevant four year degree.


Document controllers need strong computer skills. They must be able to use word processing software, to communicate via email and manage their time and tasks using a scheduling or calendar system. There are also several project management tools, such as Agile or Primavera Expedition, which document controllers are expected to learn how to use effectively. Many of these databases are also going mobile, which means using smart phones, such as Blackberries and iPhones, for business purposes is an additional skill desired by employers.

Some document controllers will complete additional education, either industry specific, or through professional development by completing training in project management or on specific software tools used in the work place. Providing indexing, cataloging and creating taxonomies are also job requirements, though these skills are usually developed in an educational program or by completing additional training. Some of these courses may be available through short-term online training, which means you could study at home to complete these skills., a professional resource, also provides a listing of additional education opportunities in this field.

Developing strong organizational and time management skills, especially by assisting supervisors and project managers are also an asset. Good communication skills, as well as a mastery of technical terms and keywords that are relevant to the industry or project are also essential skills for a document controller.

There are also many active document controller websites or groups that will answer questions for current workers in the field or for people who want to enter the field. The National Document Controller Association has a groupsite that allows members to discuss the field online and to network with other document controllers. There is also an active LinkedIn group (LinkedIn is a business networking site) where members can ask questions about software, skills development and ask questions.

Document Controller Jobs

Usually working under the supervision of a professional, such as an engineer or a safety officer, or a project manager, document controllers are responsible for assembling, compiling, retrieving and storing all of the relevant documents for a project. A document controller is responsible for assembling the library and archive of documents for their employer, for transmitting electronic copies and preparing hard copies when necessary, and for disposing of documents when a project is completed. Document controllers may also prepare indexes and taxonomies for storing and retrieving documents. A document controller can find employment opportunities in engineering, oil and gas, manufacturing and industrial supply companies. There may also be opportunities in different levels of government or in publishing.