How to Get Started as a Freelance Marketing Consultant

As a freelance marketing consultant, you will be identifying the marketing needs of your client and be responsible for implementing a credible marketing system that helps in promoting their business. You have to promote the products of your client with the help of numerous marketing tools like press releases, printed pamphlets, advertisements, social networks, blogs, and more. If you start your career as a freelance marketing consultant, you can be your own boss and work with companies from various industries.

Educational Requirements

To become a freelance marketing consultant, the first step is to be sufficiently qualified. A graduate or post-graduate degree in business management with specialization in marketing is highly recommended. Various aspects of a marketing campaign like market research, product launch, channel creation, image building and training of the sales force need to be employed efficiently in executing marketing campaigns of your client. You need to equip yourself with necessary expertise in all these areas.  You can attend workshops or online certification courses to acquire in-depth knowledge if required. Internet marketing is an upcoming field wherein you have to become an SEO (search engine optimization) expert by completing training in web marketing.

Getting Started

  • Use your social contacts or internet to explore freelance marketing consulting opportunities in various companies.
  • Send emails with your portfolio to the chosen company’s decision makers in order to garner their attention.
  • Attend social functions or business events where your prospective clients may be visiting.
  • Register with freelance job search engines and advertise your marketing consulting services and bid for freelance marketing consulting projects.

Tips to Succeed

  • Analyze and get an in-depth knowledge about the products, target audience, geographic location, distribution channels, competition and expectations of the consumers.
  • Provide viable and centralized marketing solutions to your client in such a way that their products reach the target audience continuously.
  • Assist your clients with cost-effective methods of marketing like online marketing through SEO.
  • Build your credibility by providing marketing consulting that assists your clients to build an image for themselves in the market.
  • Make use of latest technological tools like database, Internet and sales automation software to provide your client with an efficient marketing system.
  • Specialize in any one type of marketing consulting service and stick to it to enhance your credibility.

Pay Scale

The net annual pay for freelance marketing consultants is between $42,362 and $94,759 as of May 31, 2010. However, the pay scale varies depending on the employer size, industry type, experience and location.

Final Word

Due to turbulence in the economy, lots of companies are switching over to the services of freelance marketing consultants in order to increase their sales and develop business. Companies try to reduce their operational costs by hiring freelance marketing consultants instead of full-time consultants. Hence, your opportunities as a freelance marketing consultant are abound. You may have a promising career if you work efficiently and are responsible for the business development of your clients.