How to Get Started as a Freelance Travel Writer

A Freelance travel writer works on travel guides, brochures, restaurants and hotels. You are hired by online travel portals, tourism companies, magazines, newspapers and publishing firms. A travel writer researches authentic information. If you are fascinated by traveling to different places and have the ability to express your thoughts about your experience, then you might find this profession fulfilling. If you are dreaming of a career as a freelance travel writer, take the following steps to kick start your career:


Here are few tips to acquire the necessary qualifications to become a freelance travel writer

  • Graduate high school with good scores in English.
  • Look for courses that are related to travel and tourism.
  • Undergo a short-term course in travel writing.
  • Start a blog and regularly post your travel writings. This will help enhance your travel writing skills and will also provide you with samples while you apply for jobs.
  • Keep yourself updated about the industry with travel magazines.
  • If there are openings for freelance writers in a newspaper or a magazine, grab that opportunity.
  • Register on websites that provide assignments for freelance travel writers.

Working Conditions

Typical tasks of a freelance travel writer include: 

  • Traveling to different tourist destinations, taking photographs and writing down important facts about the place for future reference.
  • Sending a proposal to potential clients.
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and suggesting ideas.
  • Researching thoroughly to confirm the facts that you are going to write in a travel guide, review, article or brochure.
  • Writing accurate, interesting and up to date travel content that will be useful to the readers. For example, about currency conversion, best time to visit, vacation checklists and what places to see and what to avoid.
  • Attaching appropriate images to the content from your own collection or from a database that the client suggests.
  • The work you send them should be relevant to their requirement.  For example, if it’s a magazine aimed at seniors, write about the activities and the places that are suitable for their age.

Advancement Opportunities

Entry level freelance writers can work their way to obtaining a contract position as a freelancer to write a specific column in a magazine, or newspaper. Many freelance travel writers begin their travel website to gain experience and profits. It’s also possible to acquire supervisory positions where you will have to train new writers.

As a travel writer, you can also write your own book. Be sure to keep a collection of interesting stories and photos to use accurate information. 

The salary for a freelance travel writer ranges between $25 to $300 per travel story, depending on the nature of the assignment. Your experience and employer will also make a big difference in your rate of pay as a freelancer.