How to Get Started as a Freelance Video Editor

A freelance video editor does video editing from the comforts of the home for clients across the globe. As a freelance video editor, you will be working with already filmed video called as the work print and organizing the scenes and transitions in order to prepare the video for a DVD or VCD. You will be editing the videos with the help of nonlinear digital editing equipments or computer software and providing sound effects as per the clients’ requirements. There is a growing demand for freelance video editors, as electronically transferring large video files from one part of the globe to another is possible in a few minutes. Moreover, freelance video editors come with affordable price tags, which is more lucrative to the service buyers as well.  

Getting Started

Video editing cannot be done without specialized equipments and software. Thus, having a sufficient amount of financial support is necessary before you embark on this career path. Other necessities are:

  • Acquire the basic video editing equipment like a computer and HD camera. Buy a Mac laptop or desktop with access to Final CutPro (video editing software). You can also go for Windows computers with video editing programs like Avid. If money is the constraint, you can download some free video editing programs from the web and practice video editing.
  • Start working as a freelance video editor for nonprofit organizations’ promotional activities without any pay.
  • Prepare demonstration video editing rolls and add it to your portfolio to showcase your talents and expertise in the field.
  • Browse through the internet and search for job opportunities for freelance video editors. Register on websites that allow you to advertise your skills and bid for the freelance video editing projects.
  • Join an established video editor as an assistant or join an internship program and learn the basics of the commercial video editing.
  • Update your knowledge of new video editing equipments and software so that you create a niche for yourself.

Pay scale

You may have to start your career as a freelance video editor by charging a rate of $20 per hour. As you gain experience, the rate can be hiked depending on the type, complexity and quality of the project undertaken.  Rates vary for various editing jobs like TV shows, commercial gigs, and video music albums.

Final Word

Due to exponential growth in the digital media space, there is more demand for freelance video editors than ever before. At times, it might happen that the client may ask you to edit a particular video within shortest possible time. This in particular is required by news portals and other media platforms. You may not be required to put in lots of creative efforts except for with music video albums and advertising, but again it depends on the type of clients you are working for. In order to garner good reputation in this field, you must be responsible, efficient, and should be able adhere to the tight deadlines of the clients.