How to Get Started as a Freelance Videographer

Becoming a freelance videographer can provide you with a great career opportunity. The process of becoming a freelance videographer will entail a lot of education and learning on the job. Here are the basics of how to get started as a freelance videographer.


There is no set educational path that leads to becoming a freelance videographer. However, you should start out by graduating from high school. At that point, you could potentially move on to film school. Many videographers have graduated from film school in some capacity. This will give you a good overview of the videography process and what you should be doing in order to be successful. You could also take some classes at a local college that deal with videography. For example, you could take a video editing class as well as a videotaping class. Since you are going to be working on a freelance basis, you should also consider taking some business classes. You will basically be running your own business, so you want to have some understanding of how this works.


Once you finish your education, you should focus on getting started as a freelance videographer. In order to be successful, you are going to need the right equipment. The first step should be to get a good digital camera. Much of the videography process revolves around having a quality camera to work with. Your quality of work will be directly affected by how good your camera is. You should also invest in video editing equipment and anything else that you might need along the way. Many times, this can get expensive, so you may need to take out a small business loan in order to get started.


Before you will be able to start making good money as a freelance videographer, you are going to have to gain some experience. This might mean that you have to donate your talents to some projects before you can get going. You need to always be working on developing a portfolio that you can show potential customers. Even if this means going out and videotaping random things on your own, you need to do what you can to develop an impressive portfolio. You may need to start out by videotaping weddings of friends and family members to get some experience.

Finding Work

Once you have some experience under your belt and a good portfolio to show off, you should be able to start finding some work. You should start trying to market your services and your local market. You might take out an ad in the paper or through some other advertising medium.

You can also get involved with freelance websites to find work. There are many different freelance sites out there that will allow you to bid on videographer jobs. This will allow you to start to get some clients and build up a steady stream of business.