How to Start a Career as a Freelance Editor

A freelance editor is usually employed by publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, blogs and online portals to proofread and edit their contents. As a freelance editor, it is your job to be sure the content of an article is completely ready for publishing. Although it sounds as a simple task to be a reader, only candidates with willingness to endure the tedium of exhaustive reading on a regular basis are suitable for this job. A freelance editor will have strong language skills and a flair for spotting mistakes instantly are requisites. Usually, editors are required to have a degree in English or Journalism.

Educational Qualifications

Here are few guidelines to be kept in mind if you are thinking of becoming a freelance editor.

  • Graduate high school with good scores in English and literature.
  • Develop a great knowledge in grammar and vocabulary. This could be done by reading materials of different genres.
  • A bachelor’s degree of any nature would be adequate, yet, a degree in English or journalism is a huge plus.
  • Obtaining certificates in editing and proofreading is an added advantage.
  • Good communication skills, a bit of analytical ability and target oriented attitude are important to succeed in this field.
  • Having in-depth knowledge of the industry and pricing details is necessary.

Job Outlook

As the job has no specific timelines, as a freelancer editor you will have to adapt to the schedule of the employers. Hence, it is highly suitable for you only if you can work keeping in mind the deadlines. The typical tasks of a freelance editor would involve:

  • Interacting with the potential clients to close a deal.
  • Extensive reading of manuscripts and other contents.
  • Correcting the mistakes and suggesting changes wherever necessary.
  • Performing a final check on the content before publishing.
  • Keeping a track of work done and reporting the same to the employer.

Advancement Opportunities and Salary

Advancement opportunities for a freelance editor are definitely vast; however, it greatly depends upon your endeavors on how much of it could be tapped. As a freelance editor, it is possible to become a regular editor for a specific firm. With time and experience it’s also possible to set up your own website, publishing house or content providing firm. As a freelance editor you can gain exposure to various kinds of contents that can help widen the professional horizon. Book editors can break into publishing their own books or can get into the production line according to their interests. Public relation companies and advertising sectors are also in a great need of copy editors.

On an average an entry level freelance editor earns about $25-$35 an hour. However, this is bound to increase as your experience in handling various kinds of contents increase. The pay rates also depend upon the educational qualifications. If you are someone with a journalistic or related background you definitely have an edge and can succeed this career.