How to Start a Career as a Freelance Fashion Designer

A freelance fashion designer is involved in designing unique garments for a store or particular fashion line. It is also the responsibility of a freelance fashion designer to design accessories that go with their designed garments. Sometimes fashion designers are hired by movie or television productions studios to design clothes for the movies’ or show’s cast. However, this is not the case always; many freelance fashion designers find a successful career designing for specific stores. If you have a sense of combining various colors to bring out a beautiful dress design and change your style according to the emerging trends, this might profession might be ideal for you. If you find yourself constantly dreaming about designing clothes, then here is what you need to know:

Learn what is Required

The field of fashion designing is highly competitive. When you are planning to pursue the career as a freelancer, then things are going to be even more challenging. Although there is no specific formal education required to become a freelance fashion designer, owning to the immense competition it’s better to build a strong foundation.

  • Opt for fashion and design related studies in high school and graduate with good grades in those subjects.
  • Take up art classes, summer fashion designing classes or any course related to this field during your holidays.
  • Opt for a course that will aid in enhancing your creativity. There are several part time as well as full-time fashion designing courses to choose from.
  • To be strong on the business aspect of the field, take some short term courses that will give you a heads on, on how to manage your own business in all aspects.
  • Willingly learn the computer applications that will make your designing task easier.
  • Grab any opportunity for an internship.

Be Prepared for the working Conditions

Even as a freelancer, you might have to work overnights and in close association with the clients to meet the target. Typical tasks of a freelance fashion designer are:

  • Applying for projects through various sources like advertisements, personal contacts in the industry.
  • Discussing with the clients their expectations regarding the project.
  • Designing garments and accessories according to the client’s demands.
  • Checking with clients if your design matches their expectations, if not making necessary changes.
  • Placing orders for necessary materials to design the garments.
  • Managing the business singlehandedly.

Know about the Advancement Options

People, who enter the industry as a freelance fashion designer, work their way towards becoming chief designers of specific brands, costume designers for movies, TV shows, advertisements, and magazines. If you have what it takes to sell your product, you might even start your own line.

Freelance fashion designers earn around $61,000 per year which is as good as what’s being paid for salaried designers. Gain some experience, develop contacts and keep your clients coming back to you, one day you might end up in the league of Versace or Armani.