How to Start a Career in Freelance IT

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors. With the rapid pace of development in the technological world showing no signs of slowing down, it is likely that IT professionals will continue to be in demand for a good many years. But quality IT professionals have only recently being started produced by universities, making this the perfect time to jump onto the IT bandwagon. If you have a good skill set and sufficient ambition, and grit, you might be interested in knowing how to start a career in freelance IT.

Starting Off

The first thing you need to do is outline your key skills. What is it that you are really good at? Is it a specific programming language? Is it database management? Or is it network security? You cannot market yourself as simply an ‘IT Professional’. Clients are looking for specific skills for specific jobs. Your previous experience counts too. If you have worked for a company for a few years already, nothing better.

Where do You Fit in?

Freelance IT professionals are available everywhere these days. Many companies prefer to outsource their IT work to developing countries in Asia where the work gets done a lot cheaper. You need to give companies a reason to hire you instead. What do you have to offer that other IT firms don’t? It might be years of experience. Or a guarantee of the highest quality work, with plenty of free revisions. Or it might be the quickest turnover time. Market yourself based on whatever it is that sets you apart from the competition.

Finding Projects

Unless you have years of experience behind you, it is unlikely you will find projects easy to come by initially. The power of professional networking should not be underestimated. Most often it will be people you know that will get you your first few projects, before word of your excellence spreads. Having friends in IT and related industries is invaluable. You can also find jobs online, but it will be difficult to find projects that you can boast of on your portfolio later.

Build a Team

You will constantly find yourself in need of help to complete big projects. Working all by yourself will give you a lot of freedom in terms of time flexibility and project selection, but it will also hinder you from taking up bigger projects with a longer time span. If you are taking a career in freelance IT seriously, it is essential that you build a team to work with. It also gives you the opportunity to combine multiple skill sets, allowing you to take up projects you couldn’t handle before.

Maintain Focus

If you read the above steps well, you now know how to start a career in freelance IT. Once on your way to building a name for yourself, it is important not to lose focus. Don’t let a fat paycheck lure you into a project that is out of your field of expertise. In the long run, focusing on your core strengths will ensure a more fulfilling career.