How to Start a Career in Freelance Marketing

With the internet making it easier for people to work from home, starting a freelance marketing career has gained popularity. 

Getting Started

Developing a career as a freelance marketer takes organization, discipline, responsibility and patience. You have to be able to meet deadlines effectively and respond to clients’ questions and comments in a timely manner. However, you have the luxury of working at your pace from your bed or kitchen table in your pajamas.

Tools Needed for Success

You will need a computer (preferably a laptop because you may need to meet with clients from time to time), a working email address (use Gmail or Yahoo Mail free), Microsoft Office Suite, a desk or computer table, and a comfortable chair. Once you set up your office, it is time to pick a niche and display your talent.

Picking a Niche

Picking a marketing niche should not be difficult. Consider one of the following: social media, public relations, event planning and copywriting. 

Companies hire freelancers to manage and monitor its online presence. Social media consultants are responsible for brand building through social networking sites: twitter, facebook, myspace and ning. Social media consultants also advise companies where it should advertise, how to create viral videos and how to manage a blog.

A public relations consultant will write and distribute press releases, pitches and query letters.  PR consultants are responsible for getting their clients into the press and keeping them out of the press when it may be under scrutiny by the government or some other high profile organization.

Event coordinators are responsible for planning corporate parties and events, fundraisers, galas, executive conferences, seminars and workshops. Event coordinators are in charge of guest lists, venue and menu selection, invitations, centerpieces, etc. Even though event planning requires a lot of work outside of the home, it is very interesting.

Copywriters are responsible for developing sales content. Copywriters are essentially "word salespeople". Copywriters develop copy for print advertisements, television, radio, or the web. Copywriting is far one of the most flexible freelance careers, as you never have to leave your home office.


To get clients, you will need a portfolio. If you do not have previous clips of your work, start a blog.  Go to wordpress or blogger for more information. You can also pitch small companies and offer to do pro bono marketing, public relations, social media and search engine marketing work to build a portfolio. 

Get the Word Out

Get involved with social media. Join 5 social networks relevant to your niche. Get on facebook and twitter. Make contacts with media professionals. After you publish a new article on your blog, link it to facebook and send out a "tweet".

Finding Consistent Work

Search craigslist under “marketing/pr/advertising” in your city or state for companies that are looking to hire freelance marketing professionals. You may send your resume or an email with a pitch letter on how you are the best candidate for the job. Make sure not to miss websites like rentacoder, odesk, elance and guru