How to Start Your Career in Music

Deciding to embark on a music career is a tough choice. It is a field that requires a lot of talent and dedication. If you plan on going into the music field, you must know up front that it is going to be a struggle for a long time. Doing a lot of research before deciding to go into the music career is a must. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this particular career choice. You will most definitely be different than many other people in your daily activities as well as how you live your life. Once you become a professional musician, you will be one for the rest of your life.


There are many advantages to becoming a professional musician. The biggest advantage of all is being able to do what you love. If you love to play an instrument enough to think about making it your career, than what could be better than making that dream come true.

A professional musician gets to continually work on improving themselves. A musician should never have an attitude that they are a perfect musician. This will usually end up resulting in a bad music experience, because no musician will ever be perfect.

As a professional musician, you will get to experience a lot of different things in the music field. You may end playing music in an orchestra for musicals. This can be a great way to be a professional musician because it allows you to meet many stars, especially if you play on Broadway.

You may end up being a musician for a television show, news show, or specific television station. This is a great way to take your music career because it allows you to travel to many different places and meet a lot of different people.

One of the greatest ways to take your music careers is to become a musician that plays in a movie score, or better yet, directs a movie score. This can be fun and interesting. You will learn a lot about the movie industry and meet a lot of actors and actresses.

There are many advantages to taking a career in the music field. Although it is a lot different from a regular profession where you will work 9AM-5PM, it will be completely worth it in the end if it is what you want to do.


Just as with anything, there are disadvantages to taking a career in the music field. One of the biggest disadvantages that most musicians talk about is the lack financial stability. Most of the time, you will be always looking for jobs. There will be times when it seems like there are no jobs available at all.

Another disadvantage of being the music field is the location. If you want to be a musician, you usually have to move to an area that has an abundance of jobs such as New York City. The cost of living in these areas is usually much higher than a regular area, so that also plays a factor in the income that can be made as a musician. 

Another disadvantage is the inability to have a stable family life. Most musicians are unable to have a regular family because of the jobs that musicians will have to accept. Different jobs will take a musician to different places, causes them to not be able to be set in one location with a family.

These disadvantages cause some problems with musicians, but if it is what you really want to do, you learn to live with these problems very quickly and without a problem.


Money is probably the biggest factor to consider when thinking about taking a career in the music field. Although big money can be made if you end up with a huge gig with a big band or famous musician, there is usually not a lot of money to be made.

Musicians go into their field simply for the love of their profession. They do not go to be a musician because they can make a lot of money. Musicians are happy plying a gig on a

Friday night for a very small fee just because they get to play in front of a group of people. The satisfaction seems to cover the lack of money that is available.

After enough experience is obtained and your name is floated around enough, bigger gigs usually become more available. Different jobs such as playing in an orchestra, a band, or on television can be obtained.


The hours of a musician do not fit the hours of a regular person. Hours usually range from early hours of the morning until late hours in the night. This is only because you want to be available to receive a job that could pop up at any moment.
It is also because you want to be out there getting your name to people. If you become accomplished, this will usually change, but it will only change to hours in the evening. Most musicians work most of their time in evening doing concerts, shows, and other things.

Difference from Other Jobs:

There are a lot of differences between a music career and a professional career that obtains an office job. Hours, pay, stability, and management are just some of the factors that are different.

You will never have a manager unless you become famous and you get a manager to handle all of your affairs. And, this manager is not the same as a manager in an office job. This manager will not be telling you what to do the entire time you are at work or making sure you don't take too long of a lunch break. This manager will be there helping your career and leading you in the right direction.


The training required for a professional musician is usually what turns people away from becoming a musician. Hours upon hours are required for somebody to play professionally in the music world.Many people would rather not spend the time doing this, and end up leaving the music career before they end up giving it a chance. The biggest thing about training is that it will always pay off. Even if you never make it big as a musician, you will have dedication and determination built into you from the training.