How You Can Become a Yoga Teacher

If you enjoy yoga and are looking for a rewarding part-time job, you might want think about becoming a yoga teacher. The job has great potential, especially since it’s estimated that about 25 million people practice yoga in the United States, and the number seems to be growing.


Yoga is a form of exercise that involves holding stretches in combination with proper breathing techniques. In order to effectively teach yoga, you have to be familiar with the proper positions and breathing techniques.

Although there are no formal degrees offered, many training programs are available. You can check with your local yoga center to see what they offer. You can also go online to see what you can find. In order to begin training, some programs may require that you have practiced yoga for a certain number of years and can do difficult poses like an unassisted headstand. In addition, you might want to research what type of yoga you are interested in teaching since there are many different forms, including:

  • Bikram
  • Vinyasa
  • Hatha
  • Baptiste Power


Qualified teachers can enroll with the Yoga Alliance. The Alliance has established standards and provide credentials depending on the amount of training you have. The requirement is that you have 200 hours and:

  • 100 hours are spent on yoga techniques
  • 20 hours are devoted to teaching methodology
  • another 20 hours are dedicated to anatomy and physiology information
  • 30 more hours are spent learning about ethics, philosophy, and lifestyle while
  • an additional 30 hours are dedicated electives,
  • And the last 10 hours are devoted to internships.

Places to Teach

Many instructors teach yoga at various gyms and fitness centers throughout the country. Some churches also offer yoga classes. In addition, many community colleges offer yoga classes as do local recreation centers.

Other teachers instruct in private studios and some have their classes in corporate settings in order to help relieve workers who are experiencing stress.

Pay and Benefits

Since yoga is increasing in popularity, it is a rapidly growing field for employment. Yoga instructors usually earn between $20- $75 per hour class, depending on their training, experience, workplace and clientele. Sometimes they also get additional pay based on the number of students in their classes. Although the hourly wage may make teaching yoga seem like a lucrative job, most instructors don’t make a great deal of money because they only teach part time.

However, if you are one of the lucky ones who can earn enough from teaching yoga to make a living, just remember you probably won’t have any benefits or 401k plan. The future of Yoga looks bright. Yoga’s increasing popularity may stem from the benefits the practice offers. Americans are under high stress and practicing yoga offers flexibility, strength and increased calmness.