I want to be elected

Making the decision to run in a political race can be a hard choice to make. It is a lengthy process, often involving months of campaigning and preparation with dozens of people in assistance. The most difficult part can often be the announcement for candidacy.

First, the candidate needs to select the office that appeals to them. There are several criteria to be met here: which are the most likely offices for the candidate to get elected in, which races will be most competitive, which voter demographics are going to identify with the candidate, etc.?

This is where a good campaign manager is needed to begin the forming of the campaign strategy and proper management. A clear campaign strategy as well as a clear picture of the opponent needs to be developed immediately after an announcement for candidacy for an effective campaign to be launched.

After the campaign manager has been designated, it is wise to designate someone in charge of media relations, several field office managers to help manage activities, a treasurer [who may also do the dual role of secretary] and any other specialized roles as needed by the campaign. Sometimes an immediate need is not felt for a role until the campaign progresses. Sometimes this can be due to a shift in campaign strategy.

The candidate [and his or her campaign manager] need to focus on making the candidate as accessible to the public as possible, along with promoting their ideas and service record. This is going to require the involvement and recruitment of many people to help, many events and speaking opportunities. It is also the coordination of many people doing many activities. Come election day, it is all worth it!