Ideas for jobs and work when you are 16

Money is a commodity that you will always find in short supply when you are growing up. At 16 your needs would constantly ask for money, such as movies, dates, clothes, parties, concerts, etc. Since the allowance usually increases too slowly for your liking, you could look up for jobs for 16 year olds and supplement your income.

There are plenty of jobs for 16 year olds and if you care to look carefully you will be able to land some lucrative offers. Searching for job is a daunting task and one that needs preparation and tenacity.

Check out the following pre-requisites and choices that would help you find and land some good jobs for 16 year olds:

  • Prepare a CV or Resume with the help of an adult and draw up an something showcasing your skills and capabilities.
  • Network - this is one of the most powerful tools not only in finding jobs for 16 year olds, but also later on in your adult career. Connect with like-minded people and let adults mentors know that you are interested in what they do.
  • Look for local opportunities online.  Sites like can often have food service, hospitality and retail positions that are open to teenagers.
  • Start your own business - There are plenty of opportunities for a teenage 'lemonade stand'. Like babysitting, then make cards and pass them out to people you sit for and friends and family.  Dog-walking is another example.
Those are just a few ideas, but always remember that the most important jobs are the ones you will have in the future, so don't let school play second fiddle to your quest for cash.