Image Consultant Job Information

As an image consultant you get paid for offering sound advice regarding someone’s appearance. A person’s image is how they are perceived by others. Image consulting is an industry that has recently catapulted to the forefront recently. An image consultant thus helps people look striking in order to obtain a job, impress others or just to feel good about themselves.

Typical Tasks

The services offered by an image consultant are generally of 3 types. They are:

  • Wardrobe Management and Consulting: Review a client’s present wardrobe and advise them on things to be purchased or discarded, mix and match present accessories with the costumes for an image uplift, organizing their closet and coordinating outfit.
  • Image Consulting: Analyze and offer a report on the current image left by a person and methods to improvise them.
  • Make-up advice: Consult with the client on their hairstyle, its color, skin care based on their physical appearance and need.
  • Vocal and non-vocal communication: Train your clients regarding voice level and sound, their vocabulary and grammar to impress others. In addition, teach clients to project an impressive image with non-verbal methods like hand-shaking, eye contact, posture and so on.
  • Etiquette: Educate clients on dining, business and social etiquette for any time of future public function.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule as an image consultant varies with the type of services provided. A one-on-one service, like image analysis can consume 3 hours or more. If you choose to work individually as an image consultant, you are the master of your domain, schedule and how much work you accept. You might have to travel to client’s home or work center to satisfy their request. If you are hired by a larger firm or work for someone else, your hours should increase, but do not expect to be able to control your schedule completely. You could easily be working a standard 40 hour work week.


The wages of the image consultant depends on experience, so it can vary from $50 to $150 per session. But the members of the Association of Image Consultants International are paid the highest salary. As of April 2010, the average annual salary of an image consultant is around $39,000.

Job Opportunities and Information

Image consultants work with clients who are searching for a new position or an enticing presence. High profile executives, public personalities and politicians could all employ you or contract with your firm. Hence you can be hired by individuals, image consulting service firms, fashion retailers, beauty spas, advertising agencies or by companies to train its executive class. Corporations also engage image consultants for conducting seminars or training programs for its employees pertaining to communication skills, team development and how to dress professionally.

Some of the image consultants start working individually by having a strong affiliation with a beauty therapist or hair stylist. But, those working individually must advertise and have an online presence in order to develop their business.

Final Word

As image plays a vital role in the success of a person, the services of an image consultant are highly touted. But you must possess excellent talent in identifying the individual needs of the clients and provide information that they can easily grasp and use. If you think you can pass these tests, work closely with clients and have a grasp of several different subjects like fashion and communication, you should look into become an image consultant.