Infectious Disease Nursing Job Information

The field of infectious disease nursing is rapidly growing with ample opportunity for new employees. Getting involved in infectious disease nursing will provide you with the opportunity to save lives and make a difference. Here are the basics of what it's like to be an infectious disease nurse and what you can expect to get out of the job.

Becoming an Infectious Disease Nurse

In order to become an infectious disease nurse, you will need to first become a registered nurse. The process of becoming an RN involves substantial educational and practical training. You can obtain your degree through a community college by getting an associate's degree in nursing. You might also choose to pursue a bachelors degree through a university program. Most people that want to specialize in infectious disease will be required to get their bachelors degree. This process typically takes about four years. In fact, you should also consider getting your masters degree to make you even more eligible for the job. 

Getting training to become an RN will involve a lot of classwork as well as hands-on learning. You will be able to learn from real nurses in a hospital setting in most cases. Once you have completed the necessary educational requirements, you can test to become a certified registered nurse. You will be required to take the NCLEX-RN exam that is administered on a state level. You will be able to take multiple opportunities to pass the exam if you do not pass it initially.

Basic Tasks

An infectious disease nurse will provide a variety of services to patients that are victims of an infectious disease. These nurses typically work with those that have conditions such as HIV, resistant infections, large wounds and diseases that require quarantine. As an infectious disease nurse, you will have to provide care to these patients as required. This might require you to administer an IV and provide the proper medication. You might have to dress a wound or help with other methods of treatment. You will continually monitor patients and report their status to the doctors. You also have to be able to indicate well with members of the patient's family.

Schedule and Salary

There is a demand for infectious disease nurses around the clock. Most of the time, you will be able to stick to a 40 hour schedule per week. However, during busy times, your employer might ask you to work more shifts. This can provide you with the opportunity to earn overtime pay.

The median salary for an infectious disease nurse is approximately $75,000 per year. Depending on experience and location, this figure can vary significantly.

Opportunities for Advancement

As an infectious disease nurse, there are several opportunities for advancement. You may be able to move up into a management role with your company. Some nurses also get into consulting roles after a successful career.

If you are looking for employment in this industry, visit nurse job boards. Also, apply with different hospitals, medical facilities or anywhere else that may seem interesting to you.