Information about General Practitioner Jobs

General practitioner jobs are some of the most important in the medical industry. General practitioners help a variety of different people on a daily basis. Here are the basics of being a general practitioner and what you can expect to get out of the job.

Becoming a General Practitioner

The process to become a general practitioner is a very lengthy one involving a great deal of education. You will first need a bachelor's degree. From that point, you will need to be accepted into medical school. Medical school should take you approximately 4 years to complete. Once you graduate from medical school, you will have to complete a residency program. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 years. You will then need to pass an American Board of Medical Specialists exam in order to be licensed as a doctor.

Basic Tasks

A general practitioner is a doctor that does not specialize in any one particular area. They will treat many different conditions and diseases. You will have to be proficient in all areas of medical practice. You will interact with a number of different patients on a daily basis. You will have to be adept at determining what exactly is wrong with a patient based upon the symptoms that they are describing. Many patients will come in with many different types of symptoms and problems. You will have to be able to determine which symptoms are relevant and which ones are connected to each other. You will then have to come up with a plan of treatment for the patient. This will typically involve medication but could also involve something more serious. If surgery or physical therapy is required, you will typically refer them to others in the medical profession. General practitioners must be very good at dealing with people, as they will be doing it for the majority of their time.

Work Schedule

A general practitioner will typically have a set work schedule that they try to adhere to. Since they will most likely be working for a family clinic, they will work Monday through Friday during the day. You may be able to stick to a 40-hour schedule for some weeks. However, as the workload increases, you may have to work additional hours to take care of your patients.


The median salary for a general practitioner is approximately $165,000 per year in early 2010.

Opportunities for Advancement

General practitioners will generally have several opportunities for advancement in their career. Many general practitioners will eventually open their own clinics and run their own businesses. General practitioners will also have opportunities to run large clinics and potentially get into administration roles. Other general practitioners will eventually develop a strong reputation in the industry and be able to get into consulting jobs.

Finding a Job

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