Information about Music Marketing Jobs

Music marketing jobs include careers in online marketing, retailing, merchandising and managing a band's or label's marketing plans.

Basic Tasks

Music marketers need organizational, communication and statistical skills. Since music marketers work to deadlines and need to be responsive to the needs of the marketing team, marketers need to keep track of timelines, deadlines, product delivery dates and records management. Most music marketers are responsible for writing a wide variety of correspondence and promotional material, from blogging on the label or band’s website to writing to retailers. They also need to use their communication skills to discuss projects and plans over the phone and in person, as well as to make presentations to peers, salespeople, retailers and other industry professionals.

Marketers are also responsible for analyzing the performance of a product, in this case the music and musicians that are included in their portfolio. This requires using spreadsheets, analyzing sales data and investigating sales numbers and downloads. Based on their analysis of the data, marketers are also required to write reports and marketing plans.


Depending on the type of marketing that they work in, music marketers can work varying schedules, though they usually work full time. In the period leading up to a campaign or when analyzing data for a special presentation, they may have to work overtime hours.


According to Simply Salary, from the vertical search engine SimplyHired, the national average salary for music marketing is $60,000 per year in early 2010. According to the same source, music marketers in New York on average make $71,000 per year, while music marketers in Los Angeles make $68,000 per year. Other music hot spots, such as Tennessee and Austin, make $53,000 per year and $61,000 per year, respectively.

Opportunities for Advancement

After an entry-level position under the supervision of more senior marketers, most marketers will receive more accounts or bands to help with their promotional plans. Other marketers may make a lateral move, moving from media advertising into promotions or into retailing or merchandising. Some marketers will also make the move to become independent contractors and form their own companies, usually specializing in the promotion of specific types of music or performers.

Different Types of Music Marketing Jobs

There are careers for marketers in retail sales and merchandising of music products and performer-related products. These careers are found with both online stores and retail storefronts, as well as with music companies. There are careers working for fan clubs or with companies that manage multiple fan clubs for musicians. Some marketers may also move into promotions, usually working on behalf of a label or by handling the promotions for a venue that hosts musical performances. A new area for music marketers includes creating an Internet strategy for the promotion of a band or a label, and managing a band's or label’s online presence.

Most music marketing jobs will require at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, and most sources in the industry will recommend looking for a marketing program that offers internships in the music marketing industry and connections with alumni that work in the music industry.