Information Systems Auditor Career Profile

In this age of rapid computerization, one career that is sure to take off in a grand way is that of an information systems auditor. If you are familiar with computers and comfortable with the way they are engineered, you should seriously consider a career as an information systems auditor. You can obtain certification by passing the exams conducted by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

The Basic Tasks

The basic task of an information systems auditor is to evaluate the information system for accuracy of the computed data. Other tasks include verifying the system's security and ensuring that the data output by the information system is accurate. Auditors usually go from site to site as they audit various systems.

It is the duty of the information systems auditor to first identify which areas need an audit. They typically include security concerns and accuracy of data. The auditor checks a whole lot of complex systems and ensures that these systems function as they are meant to.

The job includes verifying whether the systems behind input data are accurate as well as whether the program that calculates and spews out output data works as it is meant to. To this end, an information systems auditor has to know both how the business functions and how the information system is designed and programmed. The auditor has to be an expert in more than one area. Consequently this is a challenging job.

Bear in mind that if anything goes wrong with an information system after the audit, it is the auditor who will be held responsible for not spotting the flaw earlier.

To become an information systems auditor, you need a logical and analytical mind and the ability and interest to thoroughly study the basic design of an information system.

Hours and Work Schedule

Since this is more a checking and verifying kind of work, you can work regular hours, unless you are completing an audit on a very tight schedule. There will not normally be any urgent work in this area.

Salary or Wages

As with any profession, the wages or salary of an information systems auditor varies depending on the experience and ability of the professional involved. In the United States, the pay range varies from $70,000 to $100,000. Whether you will work as a company’s internal auditor or as a consultant affects pay. The pay varies from country to country as well.

Opportunities for Advancement

As there are plenty of job openings for an information systems auditor, there is sufficient scope for advancement. You can choose to work for a particular company or act as a consultant for a whole lot of companies, depending on your individual preferences.

Different Types of Jobs for Information Systems Auditors

Some of the different information system auditor designations include security manager, security consultant, internal auditor, senior internal auditor and so on.

If you have an analytical mind and are willing to work hard at spotting possible errors in the work done by others, this could be the right job for you.