Interested in a Sales Career?

If you are interested in a sales career, you should know that the career path is for hard-working, customer-oriented people with an eye for teamwork and great organizational skills. You will need to work directly with the public, so a pleasant, helpful manner will take you far in this line of work. Sales careers often involve working weekends and nights. Here are a few job choices for you:

Sales Assistant

This is a first job for many, and a great introduction to sales. You work directly with the public, helping in selection and purchase of goods. A thorough understanding of the brand is an important aspect of the job. In busy stores, the ability to organize and prioritize is also important. Basic math skills are important too. The salary is highly variable because you are likely to be hired on a casual basis.

Store Manager

Store managers often start work as Sales Assistants. They have proven their worth as a salesperson and customer service worker, and now lend their skills to managing the staff. This will likely still involve performing a sales assistant role. You will need to train new staff and will often arrive first and leave last in order to open and close the store. A manager's role involves delegation, patience, great organizational skills, and greater responsibility than a sales assistant would need. As a result, the rate of pay is higher, yet still highly variable.

Customer Service

This position involves either inbound or outbound customer service. Strong sales skills and a confident manner are required. You will receive training in how to sell, and will often make a commission on your sales. In addition, you will receive pay from a retainer. For this reason, confident salespeople make much more than Sales Assistants that operate out of a shop. Large companies often control call centers for several businesses, so it's fairly easy to move to other roles within the company. These roles are relatively easy to obtain, yet require a hardworking spirit and dedication to succeed long-term. If you possess these skills, you will do very well in this career, and will enjoy relatively high pay and excellent flexibility of hours.

Sales Representative

It is your job to take the product directly to the public. This direct contact can involve either door-to-door, roving sales or manning a booth. Like telephonic customer service, a confident persona is important. Equally important are sales ability, a friendly manner and an entrepreneurial spirit. You need to have your own transportation because you will often be required to visit many different locations and shopping centers. Pay, once again, is highly variable, as are the hours you must work. These positions are often contract assignments and are organized by the call center staff. Choose this as a career if you enjoy customer contact and are a selling superstar.