International Business Career Prospects

International business careers are an exercise in job mobility. You need to keep alert for potential career moves and job opportunities. That means understanding the international business environment. International business trends dictate the job markets and they also affect job mobility indirectly. A downturn in an industry will naturally sink its job market.

Important: Please be aware when checking out international business jobs that the employment market isn't necessarily a reliable indicator of real opportunities. Some employers, and particularly recruiters, paint a very rosy picture of employment prospects which are entirely misleading. This is often the case in sales jobs, or other high turnover positions. Some international jobs are much less than they claim to be. Always research the realities of the job before making any commitments.

To follow the job opportunities you need to research and investigate business trends, as well as their related career trends. You need to see good business being done, before following up with a job application. The big mistake in international careers is getting into a position where you give up a good position for a job in an industry in a downward mode, where you're vulnerable to cutbacks.

Types of international business careers and career trends

The two basic types of international business careers are specialist and general business. Career trends are similarly defined. For specialists, career trends in their roles are relatively easy to track. For businesspeople, doing much more generalized work, career trends can be much more difficult to identify.

Major trends in global business are better defined by organizational and employment types:

Organization structures: One negative career trend needs to be mentioned. Many businesses now use the "flat" structure, fewer managers, therefore fewer career moves. A realistic appraisal of jobs with these organizations is required to assess the value of these organizations to a career.

Contract employment: The rising star of international business career trends is definitely the contract package. Contracts can contain high values in terms of proven skills and experience, and be extremely remunerative. For general business careers, contracts are the preferred option, providing well defined packages and clear career status information. Specialists can also benefit greatly from contracts, using them as definitions of professional roles with clear delineations of tasks, roles and budgets.

Consultancies: This is one of the major career trends in international business. Top of the range in an international business career, consultancies are a form of independent business in which very high value, ongoing work defines the career. The consultant is a free ranging expert, able to operate multiple roles and in the process generate multiple income streams. The demand for consultants s is growing constantly.

Things to avoid

International business can involve problems you need to avoid:

Do not enter into any contract without legal consultation. This is a real potential issue. Getting into a foreign contract which doesn't deliver is a potential own goal.

Don't apply for positions you haven't researched. Forget the employer's sales pitch, look for independently sourced figures and consistent industry information about employers and the state of their business.