International Relations Degree Careers

There are many careers available for people with international relations degrees; each one ranging in salary, field and location. Finding the right career to fit your educational background and experience can be difficult, but fortunately there has never been a better time for job seekers who possess an international relations degree. Several different career fields seek international relations majors or degree recipients. These fields include; government, communications, law, public policy, nonprofit and public service.

Job seekers holding an international relations degree, who wish to work for the government, have the option of becoming a Foreign Service Agent. Foreign Service Agents work in the United States and abroad promoting diplomacy and learning about other cultures. In the United State, these agents can work in the United States State Department or the United States Information Agency in Washington, but abroad they typically work in United States Embassies throughout the world. Foreign Service agents are required to pass an entrance examination process, which can last as long as a year. Although it is a challenging process, the rewards of becoming a Foreign Service Agent are endless.

International Relations Degree Careers in the Government

Another option when considering international relations jobs in the government is to work as an international affairs specialist for one of several departments, including the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture and even the Department of Energy. Many international relations degree holders also find jobs in the Agency for International Development and the Central Intelligence Agency. Working for the government can be great because there are many opportunities to advance in your field as well as the knowledge that you will gain and be able to take with you to future positions.

International Relations Degree Careers in the Private Sector

If working for the government is not for you, think about using your international relations degree to find a job in the private sector. Many nonprofits seek Program Officers to facilitate international professional exchanges which have been funded by government grants. Others are looking for people to send abroad to facilitate humanitarian aid.

Nonprofit organizations are typically unable to pay large salaries for their employees, so people who are seeking to make a lot of money should look into working for a multinational corporation. Multinational corporations offer positions in the United States working with branches abroad. In order to get a job for a company of this type, it is helpful to have a master's degree in international relations or business

The communications field can be a great avenue for international relations degree holders. Many political campaigns hire recent graduates who have an International Relations degree because of the insight that that person can bring to the table. Also, most large communication companies are beginning to go global and they recognize the need to hire people with experience in the international relations realm.

A degree in international relations can lead to many exciting careers. Whether you choose a career in the government or a position in the nonprofit sector, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of what is right for you.