Internet Sales Jobs

The Internet sales job is now one of the most common jobs in the world. It's often grafted on to regular sales work, but in many cases people do their sales exclusively online. The money's pretty good for those who succeed, and these jobs can replace full-time jobs.

Types of internet sales jobs

Most jobs are in the consumer products area, but some are much more advanced forms of sales, like affiliate marketing, which we'll check out later.

These are common internet sales jobs:

Consumer products

  • Fashion products
  • Health products
  • Jewelry
  • Personal items
  • Adult materials
  • Books
  • Music
  • Media products like DVDs and downloads
  • Auction products


  • Subscriptions to professional services
  • Training services
  • Travel services
  • Financial services
  • Real estate

How Internet sales jobs work

These jobs are either done by vendors directly to the public, or by third parties selling products for suppliers. Many people in internet sales are actually acting as agents for suppliers, taking orders and passing them on.

Some people are 'niche' sellers. The sales are part of their own business. A person with a health website, for example, will sell health products from a supplier. This is the market 'niche,' selling to a specialist market.

Other people operate multiple sales products using multiple outlets. They'll sell fashion accessories on one site, and health products on another. This can be a very profitable approach to Internet sales, and the sellers aren't dependent on a single outlet for their incomes.

In some cases, sellers are selling their own products. Nearly all service sales are from people operating regular businesses. The Internet sales are an additional sales resource.

Finding the right Internet sales job

To find one of these sales jobs, you don't have to look far, but you do have to look carefully.

Good Internet sales jobs have these things in common:

  • Straightforward terms and conditions
  • Clear profit provisions for sellers
  • A good track record with sellers and customers
  • Good quality products
  • Well presented sales materials

Internet sales can be a huge bonus for websites. In some cases, the site and the products compliment each other very well. For example, a site dedicated to health can benefit a lot from interest in the products, as well as the subject.

Things to look out for

There are quite a few types of sales jobs, to avoid. Not all sales jobs are equal, and in the case of Internet sales, some are very dubious propositions you should avoid.

The classic musts to avoid are:

  • Any products where the origin is suspicious (Stolen goods, pirated media products, etc.)
  • Product sales where a license is required (Sales can actually be illegal)
  • Sales deals where the seller's rights aren't clear in the agreement
  • Any products with a lot of complaints about them from sellers and customers

Like anything else online, the moral of the story is Check everything out first. Millions of people do extremely good business online, but keep your eyes open.