Introduction to jobs in the music industry

The love of music and the excitement of it all is what makes so many people want to work in the business. Standing on a stage with a microphone in your hand isn't how most people working in music make a living. Behind every pop star, every great band, every symphony orchestra, is a group of dedicated individuals who really know their job.

Know this - music isn't an easy life at times. The hours can be terrible, the working conditions difficult, the frustration level impossible. Those who do stick with it find out for themselves what the insiders already know.

Preparing for a career in music, even if you are absolutely sure what you want to do, is important. Sometimes even the ones who seem so sure of themselves end up changing their minds once they get a taste of the real world of music.

There are so many facets of the music business that it would be impossible to cover all of it. You may find a niche that you never knew existed. But the most common ones are listed for you in this publication.

How do you break into the business? Are there any job openings and if so, in what areas? Can a person make a decent living, enough to support himself?

These and many other questions are asked time and time again by people who love music and hope to make a career out of it. Knowledge is certainly important, but the one thing that will cover more distance than anything else is your love of music! Success often comes to those who have a passion for something and stick with it.