Introduction to the personal mission statement

When you write your personal mission statement you define your main values and purpose in life. It acts as guidance in your career development and can be seen as your compass. There may be times that you need to consult your compass to find direction again. It is for this reason that you should take time for proper planning when you write your personal mission statement.


Your personal mission statement style will differ from the writing styles of other people. The reason for this is because every individual has a different life story and unique characteristics. You may be more creative than logical, and have a holistic outlook rather than a detailed analytical thinking style. This will also be reflected in your personal mission statement.

If you write in a more concise manner, it will appear different from the person who has a relaxed writing style. You shouldn't compare your style to someone else.

Who needs a personal mission statement?

Anyone who wants to do proper career planning, change careers or wants to find the perfect job should have a statement that summarizes his or her goals, aspirations, main values and social responsibility.

What information should it contain?

You shouldn't list all your best traits and everything you have accomplished or want to succeed at. That kind of information should form part of the planning process and lists. It should have five to seven main points defining only the following:

  • One to two main values or principles
  • How you plan to contribute to society?
  • Who is the main focus of your contribution?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What is your main skill or best attribute?

What if you have never worked before?

Even as a teenager, homemaker or retiree, you can compile a such a statement because you have lived in a certain community and have had past successes in some areas of your life. Everyone has certain principles and rules that cannot be compromised. If you however, want to find the right career, you need to first learn what makes you tick. This is part of the process. If you understand what you want, you will be able to identify jobs and employers that are compatible with your skills, dreams and values.

Using it as part of your CV

It can also be used in the objectives section of your CV. Adapt it to fit in with the specific job that you apply for. It shows that you know where you are heading and it also makes it easy for the hiring manager as he can establish if your goals and values are compatible with the organization.

Other places where you can use it

It can also be used with networking. In most instances you only have 60 seconds to introduce yourself and be remembered. The personal mission statement can be used as part of your introduction. Apart from this you can also use it during interviews when asked to tell more about yourself. Start planning your personal mission statement today as preparation for tomorrow's success.