IT Project Manager Job Profile

IT project manager jobs can be a great opportunity for IT professionals to show what they can do. The role of the IT project manager could be best described as "intense". This is work for experts, and it also includes management as well as the technical aspects of the job.

Fundamental Roles

These are the fundamental roles of the IT project manager. They barely describe the rest of the job, which is usually based on the fact that the IT project manager is also a technical expert.

Operational role

  • Running projects from design to completion/implementation.
  • Defines project parameters and requirements for staff, facilities, etc.
  • Organizes structure, budget, resources and schedules the project.
  • Sets targets for progress and success criteria.
  • Acts as overall manager for the various project elements and sections.
  • Evaluates performance and project issues.
  • Assesses problem solving issues and delegates according to need.

Management role

  • Budget and audit trail
  • Records
  • Documentation
  • Reporting project performance
  • Hiring and firing
  • Contracting
  • Performance evaluation
  • Technical advisory role to management

Work Environment

The IT project manager's role in these situations is to allocate resources, and handle the multiple scheduling, budget and resources issues that issues like these cause. However, as an IT professional expert, the natural further level of involvement is helping solve issues and advising project supervisors and technicians. IT project managers are usually very experienced people, and can assist with their own expertise. An IT project manager's job can involve a lot of hard work in the IT role, too. For example, designing a new system includes the natural situations related to system design:

  • Software issues: Anything and everything, getting things to run properly, and de-bugging an entire code line by line, character by character.
  • Hardware issues: These may involve some very complex, not to say nitpicking and irritating, engineering situations, including getting switches to work and basic configurations.
  • Implementation: Hooking up a new system to anything means problems, sometimes lots of them.

Salary and Hours

The salary of an IT project manager can vary, depending on scale of project, contract, nature of budget, qualifications and experience. Project managers are often ranked on a scale of I to III, with III as the senior ranking. $85,000 to $110,000 is a benchmark rate for this level. The hours a manager will work will depend on project schedules and usually involve many long hours.

The Career Environment

The IT project management career track is based on career needs and opportunities. Projects can provide excellent credentials, particularly for IT specialists. In the IT management area, they can also prove a range of management skills very effectively. The ability to work with big budgets and complex technical programs is a primary requirement for career advancement.

IT project management is a good career networking scenario, generating many contacts and potentially access to many more jobs with career advancement possibilities.