Job as a property inspector

Property inspectors provide information on a specific property for the purposes of selling, insurance and compliance with safety and health regulations. It recently became compulsory in the UK to make use of property inspectors for the purpose of selling a residential property. The property inspectors rate the structure and condition of homes and buildings, conduct energy efficiency evaluations, and provide advice on optimizing the energy efficiency of a property. Even though most of the work is carried out during normal office hours, you may be required to do some weekend and evening work. A lot of traveling is required.

The following are prerequisites for property inspectors:

  • - You must have extensive knowledge of building regulations and methods and surveying techniques
  • - You should be able assess the extend of structural problems
  • - The property or building inspector s must have excellent measuring, mathematical and accounting skills
  • - As inspector you will work with measuring equipment and make use of computers in the analysis process and thus need to be computer literate
  • - You must have good presentation and communication skills
  • - The inspector must have an eye for detail and be able to work according to strict guidelines


The work is similar to valuation and surveying, and degrees or qualifications in these fields are thus recognized. You need a thorough knowledge of properties and preferable some experience in the property industry. Property inspectors undergo a process to determine whether they have the skills and experience required for the work before they can register with the institute for property inspectors. The process can take a few weeks if you have enough experience and qualifications but if you are new to the property industry, it may take up to 3 years.


The services of property inspectors are needed by estate agents, financial institutions and local government departments.