Job as a roulette dealer

Roulette is one of the first games introduced in gaming halls. It has its origin in the wheel type of gambling activities from the 1200's in Europe. It became fashionable in France in the 1700's and spread across the ocean to America. It is still however more popular on the European continent than the Americas, because the United States gaming houses have a single and double naught while there is only one naught in the European version. The Unites States casinos have a 5.26 advantage while the European halls have a much lower advantage. This means that the gamer has a very low chance of winning in relation to other table games in America. There is normally only one roulette dealer at the table who rotates the wheel.

The wheel has 38 numbered buckets. One out of every two buckets from numbers 1-36 is red, while the other half is black. The two zeros are green. There are separators between the buckets. There is normally space for up to ten players, and on a busy evening the area can become jam-packed.

The waging is done with gambling chips that are only valid at the roulette tables and sometimes cannot be even be used at other roulette games. The player exchanges cash at the roulette dealer for chips and then use them to bet on either odds or evens, black or red, random numbers or groups. There is normally a minimum stake and the players must buy a minimum number of chips.

The roulette dealer rotates the wheel clockwise and throws a little ball on the edge of the wheel. He announces the ending of bets when the ball moves slower. The players can bet in several ways and it takes some time to learn the best combinations.

There are no rituals or stake procedures; the payouts are determined by the betting method. When the ball lands in one of the buckets, the roulette dealer marks the winning number and collects the bets that didn't win. He then pays all of the winners in chips.

The roulette dealer exchanges the chips for cash when a gamer leaves. This casino job requires good counting skills and excellent communication abilities. The employee must have a good knowledge about the game rules. The employee gets paid between and an hour plus tips. Most gamers tip according to their winnings. There are times that the tables are empty for entire shifts, meaning that in this casino job you face the risk of poor earning days.