Job as an Alternative Energy Consultant

The alternative energy consultant is responsible for informing the public and authorities about renewable energy alternatives, benefits and application.

Main tasks include:

  • Advising local authorities and municipalities and informing them about better ways to produce energy.
  • Working with private and government bodies and companies in the design and setup of alternative energy plants.
  • Assisting in cost calculation for the setup of renewable energy plants.
  • Aiding the calculation of cost and efficiency when renewable energy is combined with traditional forms of energy supply.
  • Addressing the public on issues of energy production, cost, saving, and environmental impact.

Skills required

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Thorough understanding of the alternatives to traditional energy production.
  • Understanding of the economical factors relevant to energy production.
  • Technical knowledge of energy and the environment.


Either an engineering degree with additional qualifications in environmental management or an engineering degree with additional training in economics is required.

Employment opportunities

You can find work as an alternative energy consultant at local development authorities, local governments, municipalities, energy producing companies and as an independent consultant to companies or industries wishing to change from the consumption of traditional forms of energy to environmental friendly forms of energy.