Job Facts about Flight Dispatcher Jobs

Flight dispatcher jobs are some of the most important jobs in the aviation industry. Flight dispatchers play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of an airport. Here are the basics of being a flight dispatcher and what you should expect from the position.

Becoming a Flight Dispatcher

In order to become a flight dispatcher, you need to at least have your high school diploma. Many airlines also like to see you have some type of college degree as well. Many people will get a two year Associates degree before getting into this type of work. 

In addition to formal education, you will also have to go through some training as well. You will need to work under the supervision of other flight dispatchers for approximately one year. You will also need to take training classes that are administered by the FAA. Those that have worked for two out of the last three years in air traffic control can also qualify.

After this training period, you will need to take a certification test that is given by the FAA. At that point, you will be able to start working as a flight dispatcher.

Basic Tasks

Flight dispatchers are in charge of creating flight schedules for their airlines. As a flight dispatcher, you will also be in charge of coming up with individual flight plans. You will have to be able to interpret weather forecasts, other flight plans, and additional information in order to make sure that a flight plan is safe. You might also have to consult with flight engineers in order to make sure that all of the plans meet the necessary safety requirements. Flight dispatchers also contact flight crews in order to update them on weather conditions and other information. You will also have to keep very detailed records about how much each flight crew has worked and how many aircrafts are available for flights.

Work Schedule

In the majority of cases, you will be able to work a 40 hour week in this field. However, you may be required to work additional hours as needed. You may have to work during the day or at night. You will most likely have to work on weekends and holidays as well.


Flight dispatchers salaries can vary greatly depending on whether they work for a regional airline or a larger one. The smaller airlines pay as little as $20,000 per year. The average salary for a flight dispatcher at a large airline is approximately $100,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

This field is relatively small and there are fewer opportunities for advancement. However, you could work your way up to a job as chief flight dispatcher, superintendent of flight control, or flight dispatch manager. You will most likely have to work for several years in order for a position like this to become available. 

Looking for a Job

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