Job Facts about Flight Engineer Jobs

Those with flight engineer jobs are responsible for the safety of thousands of flight passengers everyday. Although not as prominently known as an airline pilot, flight engineers play an equally vital role in the process. Here are the basics of being a flight engineer and what you can expect out of the position.

Becoming a Flight Engineer

The process of becoming a flight engineer will require you to go through formal education, specific job training, and a certification process. You will need to start out by obtaining a high school diploma. Beyond that, you are not required to attend any other formal education. However, your odds of getting a job are better if you have some college experience.

After your formal education, you will need to get a license as a commercial airline pilot and a flight engineer. Both of these certifications are given through the FAA. In order to qualify for these certifications, you will have to have at least 200 hours of flight time. You should also complete a two-year course in aircraft maintenance. The FAA also administers courses on ground and flight procedures that would be helpful to you. You will then need to take a written exam that covers fuel requirements, the effect of weather on flight equipment, flight theory, and other important subjects.

Basic Tasks

The flight engineer will perform a variety of tasks in order to ensure the safety of a particular flight. Before the flight takes off, they will be in charge of inspecting the outside of the plane to make sure that it is in good condition. If a problem is discovered, the flight engineer will work with mechanics in order to solve the problem. During the flight, the flight engineer make sure that all of the electrical equipment is in working order. They also determine how much fuel a plane will need for a flight. Once the plane lands, they will again inspect the condition of it.

Work Schedule

Working as a flight engineer will involve a very irregular schedule. You will have to take flights at all hours of the day and night and spend much of your time away from home. Therefore, you need to be flexible in order to perform this job.


The median salary for a flight engineer is approximately $130,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

In the job of flight engineer, you will be able to have some opportunities to advance. By obtaining additional certifications, many flight engineers move on to the position of copilot. From there, they can obtain additional training and become an airline pilot. As you advance in your job, you will also be able to obtain a better position as a flight engineer. You will be able to have more control over your schedule and workload.

Looking for a Job

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