Job Facts about Freelance Engineering Jobs

Freelance engineering job search can be a real problem, if you don’t know your way around the market. There are huge numbers of engineering job ads on the market, in many different professional contexts.

Freelance Engineering Search Online

Freelance engineering job search usually involves searching jobs and advertised projects. Because engineering is a technical profession with a range of specialties and skill sets, it’s better to target that particular type of work. Trying to plow through pages of job ads and professional ads including everything called “engineering” is simply a waste of time.

Do not use generic terms. It’s best to search for areas of preference, using technical terminology. This can include any form of design, software or other unique terms. That reduces the search results down to manageable levels.

Look out for search terms which are too open.

For example:

  • Structural+ engineer: This is safe enough, because of the use of the word “structural”, which is a reliable search term.
  • Product+ engineer: The weak point is the word “product”, which can apply to production line jobs, etc.
  • Systems+ engineer: Definitely not good, unless you’re actually a systems engineer. “System” is a term that clutters searches, and could be anything.  

Basic search issues in freelance engineering:

  • If you’re just starting out as a freelance engineer, you’ll find that you’re better off sticking to basic jobs in the preferred field until you learn how to read the market. The degrees of difficulty increase with budget and qualifications in freelance engineering jobs, so you can also use these as search criteria.
  • For experienced people, you can avoid searches including lower level work where your skills aren’t fully represented using technical specialist criteria. The higher range jobs are better jobs, and useful portfolio material in terms of getting other jobs. 

Specialist Sites

Specialist freelance sites are often a much better option. A case in point is , a major US website. This is one of the very popular contract bidding sites. It’s good for freelance engineers, because it works the same way as normal contract bidding.

The site includes budget figures, except where the client is unsure, and job specifications. The types of work available also include technical writing, which is excellent work for experienced people, and it pays well. A recently advertised technical writing position on had a budget of “Over $20,000”.  

You can also post a resume with links to your work on the site, and use your profile as a passive job search option. This is very useful on freelance sites, because it’s common for outsourcers to go looking for specialists.

Project Jobs

For freelance engineering work, projects are perhaps the best possible option. You can select preferred jobs, and you can also create excellent contacts for business. You can also compete for these jobs on the basis of professional credentials. This is one of the strengths of using a site like iFreelance, because it’s all project work.

Note: Make sure your profile and materials are good market standard presentations. They’re very like resumes. What you put on them is all the information a client has when hiring.