Job Facts about Freelance Marketing Jobs

Freelance marketing jobs are unusual in that they involve a range of work that is traditionally the epitome of “office jobs.” New technology and changes to the way the world does business have made freelance marketing jobs, particularly marketing consultancies, a very effective job option.

Types of Freelance Marketing Jobs

There are several quite different types of freelance marketing jobs:

  • Consultancies: These are the freelance marketing jobs for the experts. This type of job involves almost all the roles of a marketing agency. Freelance marketers usually outsource the various “office” roles to other freelancers. Freelance marketing jobs in the consultancy area are all contract jobs, and they can be just as demanding as the agency jobs.
  • Merchandising: This is specialist work, and in the freelance marketing job role, it’s easily adapted to the freelance mode. Merchandising, which includes product design, promotion design, packaging, and other fundamental roles, is essentially a combination of design and coordination work. Freelance merchandisers often work in concert with freelance consultants.
  • Market research and market analysis: The market research and market analysis roles are fundamental roles in marketing, and they’re also specialist jobs. The freelance market researcher is usually a contractor, working for various clients who may include marketing agencies as well as freelance marketing consultants.
  • Promotions: Freelance marketing jobs in promotions are almost exactly the same as the agency jobs. Promotions include marketing campaigns and can involve a lot of travel. Freelancers in this area are experts, usually with years of experience in the field and a reputation to match. They’re really promotions consultants.

The Work Environment

All freelance marketing jobs are very much a matter of relationships with client businesses. The consultancy role is a good example of the types of work involved because it uses the functions of other freelancers as well.

This job involves:

  • Analysis of client marketing needs
  • Analysis of client market and product distribution
  • Analysis of client's market profile
  • Targeted and general market research
  • Product branding issues
  • Product launches
  • Promotions
  • Advisory role in relation to client business ventures

This is a relatively simple description of the job. The freelance marketing consultant is effectively handling the entirety of the client's marketing operations. The consultant is responsible for the operation of marketing, promotional and sales programs.

The clients, by definition, aren’t marketing experts. The consultant has to advise and explain situations across the entire spectrum of marketing operations. This means explaining basic marketing issues, methods of promotion, advertising targeting options, market analysis results, branding issues and problems, and costing marketing operations.

The freelance marketing job in the consultant role also involves coordinating and dealing with the physical requirements of all these marketing operations. This is where the other types of freelance marketing jobs get involved. They operate as subcontractors through the consultancy. 

 The consultant employs the individuals in other roles in the marketing program on a needs basis, through his or her own contract funding. This is the typical “ad hoc network,” common in advertising and equally effective in the marketing sphere. In many cases, marketers also use an extended business network to hire freelance advertising copywriters, increasing their range of operations and the services they can provide to their clients.