Job Facts about Freelance Sales Jobs

Freelance sales job is a better option of earning money in our locality as there is no limit for your earning abilities. You have to decide the types of product you want to sell and based on that you can carve your career in this freelance sales job. A better idea is to select a variety of products in a category. For example, if you choose to sell health care products, then you can sell products like sauna belts, weight loss products, and tummy trimmers. You must also choose those items that are in no way competitors to each other.


There is no basic qualification required for this kind of jobs. But you must possess abilities like marketing, identifying the prospective clients, time management and excellent communication skills. Apart from this you may have to download some software according to the specification of the employer or project provider.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collect all required information for the marketing of the products you have chosen.
  • Explain the prospective clients about the benefits of the products you represent.
  • Prepare comparative price or benefits charts to explain the plus points in your products.
  • Build on your social networking to find more clients.
  • Post your testimonials and advertise yourself in online portals or blogs to get more and continuous business.
  • Hire new sales trainee and train them in the sales and marketing of the products you represent.


Wages for the freelance sales job are fixed on project or job basis. Usually freelance sales person bid for 30% of the sales value as the commission for selling. When you sell different types of products, then probably there are chances for you to earn more than employees in higher positions.

Types of Freelance Sales jobs

There are various kinds of freelance sales job opportunities available in the market. Some of them are in real estate, electronics items, pharmaceuticals, advertising sales, automotive and health products and so on. You can also choose to do the sales remotely through phone calls and it is termed as telemarketing jobs. The easiest way to find such freelance sales job is to make use of websites for freelance services. is one such comprehensive online job search site where you can post your testimonials and portfolio and bid for the freelance projects.

Final Word

Though freelance sales job market looks attractive and simpler, it is very easy for starters to get cheated by scams or overhyped opportunities. Hence, you have to carefully and tactfully identify the genuine sales projects from bogus ones. Once you get the tactics of selecting the correct projects, then you may get plenty of work on hand that you may have to recruit a sales team to help you out. Also, it is important for you to know that sales people are not always welcomed by potential clients. Thus, getting the door slammed on your face, being driven away by owners are quiet common. These are some of the drawbacks of being a freelance sales person.