Job Facts about Freelance SEO Jobs

As a freelance SEO writer or editor, you can work from your home for the promotion of a websites and the company that owns it. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which is the process of making the website appear more frequently and closer to the top when people search for a specific topic using a search engine. Many companies and entrepreneurs hire freelance SEOs to promote their website and hence promote their company, services and/or products.

Basic Responsibilities

A freelance SEO writer primarily produces web copy or some sort of content which can generate more traffic to the particular website, but the specific duties can vary depending on the type of work and field you are engaged in. Here you can see some of the basic duties of a freelance SEO writer.

  • Understand the websites and/or companies you are working for.
  • Conduct a complete SEO analysis of the entire website and comparative study of its competitors.
  • Study and understand the style guidelines and basic requirements for each type of articles.
  • If there are necessary keywords to use, implement them in the written content.
  • Promote the website through optimizing and building links.
  • Plan and create links in an attempt to campaign for the website.
  • Web marketing and articles or blog marketing.
  • Write original content in the articles in the required format and complying with SEO needs and desires to generate more traffic.
  • Submit the article, links and directories on time and with high quality.
  • Some of the freelance SEOs are required to add meta tags to increase the web traffic.

Qualifications and Other Requirements

To be a freelance SEO writer you should possess a strong command of the English language. You should also have an understanding of how to avoid plagiarism. Being ethical is paramount. You are also expected to complete the assigned task within a specified deadline, be enthusiastic, computer-savvy and self-motivated to succeed in this career.


The average freelance SEO analyst is making about $51,000 as of April 2010. Freelance SEO copywriters obtain an average annual salary of $49,000. But the salary can vary with location, industry, your experience and the benefits of the position, if any.

Types of SEO

After obtaining experience in this field, you can proceed to become a freelance SEO analyst or freelance SEO consultant. There are few freelance SEOs who work primarily in adding the required keywords, while some of them work for field specific articles like technical and business contents. There are comprehensive online job search tools that help you bid or apply for SEO copywriting projects. They can help you choose a suitable project that fits your skill level and strengths.

Final Word

You can become a successful SEO specialist only when you clearly understand your responsibilities and can accurately manage and handle the vital task of web optimization so that it ranks high in the search engines. SEO analysts and consultants are becoming more important as an increasing number of businesses rely on online marketing; hence many companies are ready to hire experts and professional SEOs at exorbitant prices. Although in a weak economy, salaries have been dampened so being realistic is prudent. Thus, if you can find information online and are an amazing writer, you may have a promising future as a freelance SEO specialist.