Job Facts about Freelance Software Testing Jobs

When you do freelance software testing, you will be testing the quality of software from your home or a home office setup. When a software product is developed, it has to be tested against the specified qualities and its functioning. You have to look for bugs or loopholes in the software product by testing the functions of the product under various circumstances and coordinate with the development team to fix them.


Engineering in computer science is helpful but not essential. However, it is very helpful in clearing certification exams like Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) and Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST) conducted by the Quality Assurance Institute. The work experience required to apply for these certification exams depends on the basic qualification. Engineering graduates can apply for this exam with just 2 years of work experience whereas for others it goes up to eight years.


The main duties of a freelance software tester will be based on 2 criteria, namely Verification and Validation. Verification refers to checking whether the software is built rightly and validation means checking whether the right software has been built. To do these things you first must know the products specification. Then you must also assess the target audience it is designed for as only then you can design the model to test its functionality.

As a freelance software tester you have to employ black box or white box testing methods to debug and test the software products. In black box method, the software tester just tests the functionality of the product without going into the internal structure of the product developed. Methods like equivalence partitioning, fuzz testing, boundary value analysis, model-based testing are employed in this method of testing. White box testing on the contradictory is done when the internal data structure, algorithms and codes are known.  


As a freelance software tester, you will be paid on per project basis, which depends on the type of the project and its complexity. You have to bid after calculating many things like the number of hours you need to spend for the project and the running expenses for testing the product plus your remuneration. Initial years of freelance software testing can be really very testing as you may lose projects if you bid too high and if you bid too low you may not getting a satisfactory pay. Think wisely and bid for the projects after a complete analysis.

Types of Jobs

Software testing is done by freelance software testers. There are different roles available for freelance software testers namely tester, test designer, test manager or test lead, test automater or test automation designer. is an online site which lists the freelance projects available. You can bid for projects that are relevant to you through this portal.

Final Word

Whatever may be its category, software products are designed and targeted for certain type of audiences. Hence, services of software testing professional are vital in assessing the acceptability of the product to its audiences, end users, purchasers and others. But all software testing can be done within a certain period of time itself. So, most of the companies are engaging freelance software testing services instead of a software testing employee to debug their software products.