Job Facts about Freelance Transcription Jobs

When you do a freelance transcription job, your primary responsibility would be to listen to audio tapes and transcribe whatever is there on the tape in text format. For this job, you need to have a digital or analog tape playback equipment, computer and word processor at your home. You can also use a foot pedal to control the speed of the playback equipment. Current trends suggest that videotaped recordings are also assigned for transcription.

Qualifications and Skills

Depending on the type of transcription you are working on, you might have to undergo a course and training in getting yourself familiarized with the terminologies and procedures. For example, in medical transcription jobs, you need to have knowledge on physiology, anatomy and medical terminologies and procedure of treatment. Likewise for legal transcription jobs, you have to understand the legal terminologies.

More than qualification, a freelance transcriptionist should have skills like computer and internet skills, proficiency in English, word processing skills, proofreading and typing skills. You must also possess time management, routine management and organizational skills.


  • Listen to audio tapes instructing the data and manually type that information using a computer.
  • Prepare reports, administrative materials and correspondence as per the specified format.
  • Proofread, edit for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Use voice recognition technology and correct the mistakes.
  • Check for the compliance of the hard copy with the standard format.
  • Provide additional administrative support as per the agreement.


Transcription jobs usually pay you hourly. Experienced freelance transcriptionists earn an hourly rate of $12 to $17. While bidding, the rate you should quote should be proportional to the complexity of the job involved. is one of the websites that allows you to post your testimonials, advertise, bid and get paid for freelance transcription jobs. This way you can always keep your business network growing and keep yourself in business.

The average annual salary of freelance medical transcription jobs can be around $34,000, provided if you work full time and get projects continuously.

Types of Transcription

Though the basic duty remains the same, the jobs vary only according to the subject matter expertise. Legal, business, medical, academic, and general are just few of them. If you opt to do specialized transcription work (like multilingual transcription) you might have to complete special training programs or have basic qualification in that field.

Final Word

Because of the increased use of Internet, freelance jobs are becoming order of the day for people who want to use spare time or have an additional income. Thus, by acquiring required skills and work setup, you can work from your home and earn good amount of money. You can also think of doing multi-specialty transcription projects if you have the skills required for the projects. This way you can be assured of work all the time and earn a good amount by working from home.