Job Facts about Warehouse Worker Jobs

Warehouse worker jobs involve the inventory management of raw materials and finished goods. It is a physically demanding job in which workers unload, pack and load heavy materials. Workers also have to walk long distances while handling some of these materials. While loading and unloading materials, you can be exposed to high risks, and hence, you must strictly follow safety rules and regulations.

Basic Duties

The actual responsibilities and duties of a warehouse worker depend on the organization with which he or she is employed because the work varies with the type of raw materials or goods to be handled. Some of the common responsibilities and duties are loading, packing and unloading. These general duties often include these more specific tasks:

  • Unload the received raw materials and store them as per the storage specifications.
  • Reject and arrange for the return of damaged raw materials.
  • Pack the finished or semi-finished products by labeling, shrink wrapping and boxing.
  • Send the damaged products for further processing or for disposal as the case may be.
  • Arrange for the loading of the packed goods.
  • Load the materials in the assigned unit for transportation.
  • Dispose the waste materials from the process line to secure disposal dumpsters.
  • Comply with job safety standards and standard operating procedures.
  • Record the movement of raw materials and goods in the daily log books.
  • Operate the trucks, forklift or railcars.

Apart from these regular duties, you can be expected to perform additional duties like cleaning the work environment and maintaining the forklift, truck or railcars.

Work Schedule

The schedule for warehouse workers is usually the standard 40 hours a week. In the cases of overtime jobs, premium wages are paid for the hours of work done.


Most warehouse workers are paid wages on an hourly basis, and the median hourly wage for warehouse workers with under 1 year of experience is between $ 8.79 and $12.05, whereas for workers with more than 20 years' experience, it is in the range of $12.15 to $17.92. According to the study on, the median annual salary of these workers is $39,000 as of April 5th, 2010.

Advancement Opportunities

Warehouse workers are indispensable for various organizations like manufacturers, retailers, transport companies, wholesalers, public warehouses and governmental agencies. If workers learn new skills of material handling and safety procedures, they can get better placements in larger firms or specialty warehouses. There is an opportunity for them to advance to positions as checkers, gang leaders or supervisors. By browsing through and registering with the site, warehouse workers can find placements with better pay.

Final Word

As per the study of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouse workers' opportunities are expected to grow as fast as the average of all other occupations through 2014. Automation in material handling can reduce the number of certain opportunities, but there is a growing need for warehouse workers in a wide range of industries. Thus, there may be increased growth in the opportunities depending on the economic forecast.