Job Facts for Hospital Housekeeping Jobs

Hospital housekeeping jobs are some of the most common in the hospital industry. Here are the basics of being a hospital housekeeper and what you can get out of the job.

Becoming a Hospital Housekeeper

In most cases, you will have to obtain a high school diploma in order to be considered for the job of a hospital housekeeper. Beyond high school, there are typically not any other educational requirements. If you have an associate's or bachelor's degree, this could help your chances of securing a job. However, it is not required in order to become a hospital housekeeper.

In most cases, you will be responding to an ad for an opening in the housekeeping position of a hospital. You will have to provide a resume and then go through an interview process. A hospital administrator or other human resources personnel member will usually conduct the interview with you. Once you secure the job, you will usually go through a training process that shows you all of the tasks involved in the job.

Basic Tasks

The hospital housekeeper will be in charge of making sure that the hospital remains clean and sanitary. The hospital has to have an extremely clean environment in order to prevent sickness and disease from spreading between patients. Therefore, a housekeeper's work is very important to the overall success of the hospital. The hospital housekeeper will be in charge of cleaning individual patient rooms. He or she will have to wash windows, mop floors and take out the trash from the rooms. Hospital housekeepers will also have to clean the common areas of the hospital. This will include the hallways, waiting rooms and nurses' stations. 

Work Schedule

In most cases, a hospital housekeeper will put in a 40-hour work week. The hours when you work might vary depending on the situation. Some hospital housekeepers will work in the daytime only. Others might work the night shift and on weekends. Therefore, you might have to be flexible with your schedule in order to make this work.


The median salary for a hospital housekeeper in 2009 was approximately $27,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

A hospital housekeeper will have some opportunities for career advancement. Many times, you may be able to advance to a management role over other hospital housekeepers. By securing additional education and training, you may be able to move up to an administration role in another division or department within the hospital.

Looking for a Job

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