Job Facts for Immigration Lawyer Jobs

Immigration lawyer jobs involve providing administrative and legal assistance to clients who wish to establish their residence in a foreign nation. Immigration lawyer jobs are available in several settings that include corporate offices, government agencies, universities, immigration law clinics and general practice law firms. It is the responsibility of an immigration lawyer to be trained in the laws governing immigration. This knowledge is applied in assisting clients in a smooth relocation from one country to another. An immigration lawyer also represents his or her clients in court. Due to the complexity of the sub-specializations in this field, lawyers focus on only one specialization like marriage-related immigration or foreign national employment.

Required Educational Qualifications

Like in any other professional field, the competition in this field is immense as well. However, if you are aspiring to become an immigration lawyer the following guidelines could be of use:

·         A high school diploma with solid scores in English and social sciences is a must.

·         A bachelor’s degree in law with a good G.P.A. is compulsory.

·         Following the bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree to become a Juris Doctor (JD) is important.

·     Taking extra courses in immigration law while attending law school and seeking internships in law agencies on completion of education increases your professional prospects.

·         As an internship provides hands on experience, it is important for all immigration lawyers walk through this stage prior to obtaining their license.

·         On obtaining the license authorized by the state, you could either search for an opening with a firm or initiate your own practice.

Nature of Work

Immigration lawyers who are employed by various agencies would need to work according to the schedule of the respective firm. Although most of the tasks like representation of the client in the court occur during the day time, it could be necessary to conduct research and work on the case for long irregular hours. Sometimes it would also be appropriate or conditional to work according to your client’s schedule.

Daily tasks of an immigration lawyer involve:

·         Interacting with the highest authorities in the firm to discuss various cases.

·         Perform research on the cases allotted.

·     Correspond with the clients to obtain as much information as possible regarding the case or pertinent immigration related issues.

·         Guide the clients in all possible aspects.

·         Make preparations for the case to be represented in court.

·         With confidence and sound of mind, take case to court.

Salary Range of Immigration Lawyers  

Immigration lawyer jobs are quite rewarding and have a bright prospect for growth. The salary of an immigration lawyer with less than 12 months of experience is about $55,000 per year. Attorneys with an experience of more than 2 years are expected to make around $60,000 to $100,000 annually. The salary varies depending on various factors like: nature of the agency in which the attorney is employed, number of cases handled and geographic location. Lawyers who set up a private practice are earning around $30,000 to $100,000 per year.