Job Facts for Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs

Work-at-home customer service jobs are in many ways a great improvement on traditional customer service jobs. They’re comparatively easy jobs for experienced customer service workers. They can allow much more focus on actual service, with far fewer distractions and interruptions. Stress levels are also considerably lower than in conventional customer service.

Work-at-Home Customer Service Job Types

It’s important to understand that the definition of “customer service” can vary considerably between employers, jobs and types of work.

Most remote customer service jobs are multitask roles:

  • Online order processing
  • Customer inquiry responses, phone or online
  • Online customer contact, like live chats
  • Complaints handling procedures
  • Customer support, general or technical, like a remote help desk

Additional Roles

Most work-at-home customer service jobs are customized by employers to include facets of several other types of work, including:

  • Sales inquiries
  • Product advisory roles
  • Data entry and administration
  • Call center work

Employment Contracts for Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs

Contracts can vary a lot, depending on the industry and the nature of the employer’s business. Contracts may be direct with employers, or with outsourcing companies who employ and pay you to do work for their clients.

Employment contracts are particularly important for work-at-home customer service jobs. They can define your role, responsibilities, rates and times of pay, and methods of payment. They also define the employer’s obligations to you. If you must sign a contract for the position you're considering, make sure you’re absolutely clear about your rights and entitlements before you sign.

Wages and Packages for Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs

Important: Wages should be specified in your contract at an actual dollar rate per hour. They may include additional incentives, bonuses or discounts for employer products or services. Most jobs will also specify the number of hours you must work per week or, in some cases, per month.

(Note: Be very cautious of any job ad or contract that doesn't clearly define wages. The customer service jobs don’t pay big wages, but they should pay consistently at their set rates.)

Customer and Employer Confidentiality

This is a critically important, and usually overlooked, aspect of work-at-home customer service: The same security considerations and obligations as conventional customer service jobs apply to the work-at-home jobs.

Although these jobs involve systems and data which are administered remotely, the security of clients' personal information and employer systems is very important. Employers can be held responsible for transmission of private data, particularly identity-related or financial account information.

All work-at-home customer service jobs include a range of security checks and precautions against breaches of security. It’s primarily your responsibility to ensure these checks are carried out strictly according to the employer’s rules.

Failure to comply with security requirements can cost you your job. Misuse, even accidental, of employer or client information can result in prosecution. Do not ever enter, transmit, download or load this information onto any system except in accordance with employer policies.