Job Fairs for ski jobs and ski resorts

Many of the employers from ski resorts host annual ski job fairs and attend seasonal career fairs. By attending a career fair, candidates obtain job leads, meet potential ski employers, get valuable insights to the different ski companies and their hiring policies, meet some of the employees, and some receive job offers while others get the opportunity to apply for future job openings.

Why attend the ski job fairs?

According the recruiters, these events offer the best opportunities for finding permanent and seasonal work at ski resorts. Candidates should thus attend as many of these ski job fairs as they can since it is easier to get hired before the ski season starts, than to apply at the ski resorts during the holiday seasons. Make sure that you CV or resume is up to date and always take at least three or four copies to a career fair.

These ski job fairs should be seen as the entry point to getting hired since you are also able to get background information on the potential employer, types of jobs available, and the job requirements. You can ask relevant questions regarding work conditions, availability of housing, benefits, hours of work, and wages. The recruiters also assist you with the application forms.

When are these events scheduled?

The ski job fairs are normally scheduled over weekends when a background of the ski company is given, an overview of the seasonal work and permanent job opportunities provided, hiring policies discussed, and interviews arranged. When you attend a career fair, make sure that you keep the following week open for interviews. If possible stay close to the ski resorts for a couple of days. You can use the time between the career fair and the interview to visit the surrounding area. Find out where you can get accommodation and at what rates, and get information about transport to and from work.

Prepare for the event

Most of the ski resorts require candidates to pass drug tests and have clean records. Pay your outstanding tickets and keep away from drugs or medicines that may result in positive results on the drug tests.

Contact the event manager or head recruiter of the career fair in advance to make sure that you have the right date since they sometimes reschedule the ski job fairs. You can find the dates for these ski job fairs on the Internet by search for 'ski resorts' and 'career fair date'.